Huawei OPPLE LED Candlelight with blow sensor for $17.97

Huawei, as the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, is well known to everyone. OPPLE, on the other hand, may not be, although as a Chinese company they are among the ten leading lighting companies in the world. Together they want to enter the smart lighting market. A first step in this direction is the LED candlelight with blow sensor – no joke!

Huawei OPPLE LED Candlelight

Looking too deep into the glass?

The candlelight is reminiscent of quite a few models of this kind that can be found in various shops like Amazon. Maybe the product designers have just looked too deeply into the glass, but the shape is reminiscent of a wine glass. Of course, the light here doesn’t need a stem or foot. The base is made of white plastic, the translucent part is also made of plastic, but in a frosted glass look. The dimensions are given here as 9 cm in diameter and 9.9 cm in height.

Huawei OPPLE LED candlelight LED

On the base there is an LED with a colour temperature of 3000K, with which we are in the warm white range. The LED can illuminate in three different brightness levels, you don’t want to make a lumen specification here. Inside there is a battery that needs a good two hours for a complete charge. How long this lasts, one doesn’t really know. The candlelight is probably more suitable for stationary use on the bedside table anyway. Apparently a USB charger is needed for this.

Huawei OPPLE LED Micro-USB Port
The integrated battery can be charged via the Micro-USB port.

The unusual feature here is definitely the blow sensor. Yes, you have read correctly. Just like with a real candle you can blow out the Huawei OPPLE LED candlelight because there is a sensor in the lamp. This gives you a real “candle feeling” without accidentally spreading liquid wax on the surface. Not a bad idea, but also a bit useless. The fact that advantages such as a lower fire risk are mentioned here is a gift, after all, this is also the case with any other electrical lighting.


Whether the Huawei OPPLE LED candle is really good for something depends in my eyes strongly on the light. If it’s cosy, it’s good for the balcony or for reading in the evening. However, you can also use any other lamp you like. But because of the blow sensor it is also a good gift, I think. If you need some more options and an integration into your own Smart Home, you can have a look at the Xiaomi Mijia Bedside Lamp 2.

How do you like the idea of a blow sensor?

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