iDiskk Phone Locker against procrastination for $28.99

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We all put off urgent tasks every day. According to the motto: what you can put off today, you can leave tomorrow. After frantically tidying the room, the cell phone is the number 1 means of procrastination. With the iDiskk Phone Locker, you can force yourself or your children to work more efficiently.

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The phone prison has in the 18.3 x 8.7 x 1.5 cm large storage space enough for Redmi 9, One Plus 8 and Co. With the 4 buttons in the lower left corner you can set for how long the phone is locked away. Once the start button is pressed, the Phone Locker can only be opened again when the timer has expired. By the way, you can set the timer to 99 hours and 59 minutes if the deadline is not next week. The iDiskk’s 900mAh battery is charged via USB C or Lightning; a cable is included. The holes on the shutter only make limited sense, but you can of course consider it a restricted mode.

Features of the iDiskk

Tips against procrastination

Many would call procrastination a lifestyle, but it can turn into a negative spiral in some cases and in the worst case lead to depression. Since I myself am only too happy to put off tasks, I have collected a few tips on what you can do against procrastination. For many it helps to write down the tasks and divide them into smaller, realistic goals. I prefer to work in the office or in the library because it’s easier to concentrate there. The best way, in my opinion, though, is to finally put the damn phone away.

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The iDiskk Phone Locker is a nice gadget for those who spend too much time with their phones and not enough with working and studying, or when the kids are supposed to be doing their homework. At around $30, the iDiskk is really expensive, but you can just put your phone in the other room. Alternatively, you can lock apps or set time limits on the phone itself. Would you get such a gadget against procrastination or do you have other methods against it?

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