“Bring me a beer!” – Funny socks as a gift idea

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Just put your feet up, relax and do nothing – we would all like from time to time. Asking your sweetheart for a beer might not be such a good idea, but you can solve the problem more elegantly with these funny socks. However, I can’t guarantee whether you’ll be successful with them 😀.

if you can read this

Can you read this?

Since the socks are printed from below, the joke naturally only comes into its own if you put all social etiquette rules aside and simply put your feet on the table. The request can’t be formulated any clearer than that. But after a hard day, sometimes you just don’t want anything other than a cold beer, do you?

Who now wants to cry out because he finds this totally inappropriate: Not only men are allowed to wear these socks, and it does not have to be only beer that is brought. There are also different imprints, such as for wine or coffee.

You can find the socks in many China stores but also on Amazon in many versions. Besides beer and wine, you can also find hot chocolate and coffee there. However, it is mostly socks in one size, which is sometimes given with 36cm, sometimes with up to 42cm length. Here, the experiences differ, whether the socks fit well over your feet in the end, we can not promise. To be on the safe side, it is best not to order ten pairs directly, but first try one on 😉.

There are many different sellers offering the socks. The offers linked above are only examples, there are also other motifs and partly cheaper prices, look through the list on Amazon, which ones are most likely to suit you.

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