ILIFE X800 robot vacuum cleaner with Mapping appeared

The production machinery at ILIFE is entering the next round: After the recently introduced V4 and A7, a new model has already been introduced in China: Like the A7, the ILIFE X800 is equipped with App control, even mapping should be possible this time.

ILIFE X800 vacuum robot

Technical Specifications

Suction force nn
Navigation Camera
Volume nn
Battery 2600 mAh
Working time 150-180 min. (sufficient for large living areas)
Charging time 5 h
Dust chamber 0,6 l (quite large)
Dimensions 33,0 x 32,0 x 7,6 cm (quite flat)
Weight 2,55 kg
CE cerficication expected in the future yes
Features App control, camera navigation, remote control, mapping, wipe function

Classification in the product range

ILIFE is one of the most active manufacturers of household robots in the world: with the X800, the manufacturer is following the new philosophy of bringing more powerful models to market at slightly higher prices. To keep an overview between the A-, V- and X-Series, here is a chronological order:

  • A-Series: A4, A4S, A6, A8
  • V-Series: V1, V5, V5S Pro, V7, V7S, V7S Pro, V80/V8S, V7S Plus, V4
  • X-Series: X5, X800

A clear technology/marketing pattern cannot be seen here, neither in the letters nor in the numbers. Only the codes “S” and “Pro” can be found at the end of the product name when expanding individual suction cups. The X800 seems to be the bigger brother of the A8, but that can’t be said for sure. After all, both have the same navigation as an assessment factor.

Design copied from iRobot?

When it comes to design, the Chinese have probably crossed their fingers to the USA and used Roombas to come up with ideas for iRobots. When I discovered the suction robot, I thought it was a fake of American robots. Covered with an aluminium alloy, the X800 makes a good impression both visually and (at a distance) in terms of workmanship. Here you can count on the usual ILIFE quality again.

ILIFE X800 robot vacuum design
The design could also be from iRobot.

The charging station is identical to the ILIFE A6 and A7, and rightly so, it is the manufacturer’s most stylish station. Compared to the ILIFE A8, the camera navigation of the X800 is said to have been further developed. In this type of navigation, the suction robot orients itself on the ceiling and orientates itself from the charging station on the basis of its movements. First experience reports must show exactly what effect this has.

ILIFE X800 vacuum navigation
Camera navigation used to be a big hit among robots, but today the technology is more advanced.

The “ILIFE Robot” app (Android, iOS), which was used for the A7 for the first time, confirmed our expectations that future models will also include app control. The X800 remembers its route and transfers it to a map in the app. It is not clear whether the created maps can be saved and a room division (drawing forbidden zones into the map) is possible.

ILIFE X800 vacuum robot App Mapping
The X800 is the first ILIFE robot vacuum cleaner with mapping.

Like the A7, the suction robot comes again with a lot of accessories, again there is a newly designed remote control, but no virtual wall for staking out areas that the suction cup should not move off. Measuring 33.0 x 32.0 x 7.6 cm, the suction robot is quite flat and comes under many pieces of furniture. Unlike the Mi Robot, the X800 works with two brush heads on the underside.

The first adjustable wiping function?

What sets the X800 apart from other suction robots is, according to product images, an adjustable wiping function. Within the app you should be able to set how much the mop presses on the floor with the water tank, even “vibration” on the floor to be cleaned is mentioned. It should also be possible to set how much water (steps 1-3) is to escape from the water tank to the ground.

ILIFE X800 robot App mopping function
Three different levels can be selected to determine how much water should reach the floor.

If this works in practice, it would be absolutely ingenious. But one may be sceptical with a clear conscience, after all, we have already tested a large number of very weakly wiping suction robots.

ILIFE X800 robot vacuum mopping
You can be very curious about the wipe function.


The first ILIFE robot with mapping is quite exciting, but the wipe function is much more exciting. Finally being able to adjust independently how much water comes out of the tank to the floor and give the suction robot commands on how to handle the mop? Sounds good for now. When navigating with a camera, I first have to think of 2010, but a lot has happened since then. Let us hope ILIFE is properly involved in this.

Currently, the ILIFE X800 is still subject to strong price fluctuations at AliExpress. From a German perspective, however, it is to be hoped that ILIFE Germany or the Amazon shop with fast shipping could have in stock. The suction robot is also not yet officially intended for Europe, but it can still be ordered.

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