Cool Summer – Swimming Pool Inflatable Poker Table & Bar for $69.99

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Usually only the good old air mattress makes it possible to relax in the pool instead of on the beach bed. Board games and drinks have to stay next to the pool anyway, but you don’t want to leave the water at all in extreme summer temperatures. No problem if you have the right equipment with you and can simply chill with a few friends at your own inflatable poker table.

Inflatable poker table

The price is no longer a bargain, at the very least for the Bar (better alternative: Mini Bar), but the price might drop again. But I don’t care what it is, because at 35 degrees the desire to dive into the next best swimming pool completely dominates my thinking. Considering that you get the “table” and four seats, the price doesn’t seem so overpriced. Especially if you share the purchase with several people. Ultimately, the quality of workmanship determines whether the floating poker table is worth its money.

So I have two questions right at the beginning: Is the uplift enough to keep other people than dainty Chinese women afloat and is the whole construction stable enough not to tip over? By the way, the same applies to drinks that you certainly want to have with you and for which there are extra cup holders. If the Cuba Libre splashes out at the end on the table or in the pool it spoils the summer mood.

Pool Bar inflatable
This “bar”, also with 4 seats, can be found

The floating bar on Amazon goes in the same direction as the poker table. Less space for playing cards – more space for drinks. It looks even more stable from the photos.

Since all parts are inflatable, they take up correspondingly little space during transport, at least no more than the air mattress would do. Whether in the bike basket or in the boot, the floating seats come on the next beach holiday or excursion to the swimming lake. I would recommend having a look at our other articles on inflatable pool accessories, maybe you can fill up the whole pool: Pizza Air Matressfoldable water hammock (so more people can sit with you), inflatable beer pong (for even more fun & games) and last but not least, the inflatable unicorn.

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