[Infographic] Xiaomi – What’s behind the successful startup

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Xiaomi is planning a record-breaking IPO. With a valuation of USD 100 billion, it could become China’s third most valuable technology company and one of the largest in the world all at once. Within 8(!) years! We have summarized all the facts about the company for you in a large, 15-page, Xiaomi infographic and were surprised ourselves with some facts. You too?

Xiaomi Infographic success story


Anyone browsing will inevitably have heard the name Xiaomi. This goes so far as to suggest that Xiaomi had bought “CG” -). There are many articles about Xiaomi because they offer many different products. You can’t get past the brand Xiaomi anymore.

The Chinese company started out in 2010 as a startup that produced affordable smartphones with their own operating system. Today, in 2018, they are among China’s largest technology companies and the world’s top-selling smartphone manufacturers. In addition to the smartphone market, Xiaomi is also pushing into other areas such as wearables (fitness wristbands & smart watches), smart home applications and electromobility.

From the online shops to the real shops

The best-known products such as the various smartphones, the Mi Band 2 or 3 and the Roborock vacuum robot are marketed under the Xiaomi brand. In addition, investments are also made in many smaller Chinese companies and start-ups. This creates a wide range of products that are sold through various online retailers and in an increasing number of physical stores. Such Xiaomi stores are not only being opened in China, but also in many different countries.

Xiaomi Infographic global expansion plans

One philosophy: High quality despite low prices

The company follows a core philosophy, according to which products of high quality and attractive design are offered at the lowest possible prices. Thus, the brand should remain interesting for all groups of buyers. Even though the price range has widened and there are now also high-priced products such as the Mi Notebook and the Laser Projector, it is still true: The price-performance ratio is often good to very good compared to other manufacturers.

The claim: The customer should be able to buy any Xiaomi product at any time without having to worry about quality.

Xiaomi Infographic what is xiaomi


Rapid development

The growth that the company has gone through in less than ten years is, as mentioned at the beginning, enormous. Meanwhile, the IPO is planned and applied for (as of April 2018). With a planned IPO of 10 billion US dollars and a valuation of 100 billion US dollars, Xiaomi would become China’s third largest technology company in one go – ahead of giants like Baidu, the Chinese counterpart of Google, and


Infographic on the history, philosophy and products of Xiaomi

What exactly is Xiaomi? How are they positioned in a global comparison? Who is behind the company and what products does Xiaomi really offer? These and a few other questions are dealt with in our detailed information graphic about the Chinese technology company.

Xiaomi Infographic MIUI

The complete graphic can be downloaded here: Xiaomi – A Chinese Success Story [Infographic]

This is as of early 2018, more detailed information on the IPO was not yet known, and sales figures in the smartphone market fluctuate in each quarter. The list of existing Xiaomi stores is also getting longer and longer. And, for example, does Xiaomi also plan to buy GoPro?

We will therefore update the graphics regularly, also with our insiders, in order to always stay up to date.

We hope the graphic gives you a comprehensive insight into how Xiaomi is doing, where the company comes from and where it still wants to go. Together with you, we will continue to closely monitor its development and continue to closely examine new products in our tests. Did you have a WOW moment reading? Is there anything else missing? What percentage of your acquaintances even know Xiaomi? ?

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