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With summer comes the vacation season. But always impose on friends or family the task of watering flowers, you also do not want. And you certainly don’t want to leave your plants hanging. For the plants in need, there is the watering drip.

Enjoy a carefree vacation

Going away for twenty days? No problem! Because the capacity of 3.5 liters makes it possible. It’s also cool that you can supply two plants with one drip, because the Amazon model has two cannulas.

Irrigation drip
You can also travel for a longer period of time.


To use the irrigation drip, you must first fill the bag with water. This is done by unscrewing the cap at the bottom.

In order for the water to flow completely and without problems, it is important that the drip (as you know it from the hospital) is placed in an elevated position.

Worth knowing

On the top of the irrigation system is a handle, this is to make it easier for one to carry and hang the bag. The bag is made of PET and the irrigation needles are made of ABS plastic. Above the needles are so-called roller clamps. This can be used to set how fast the water should flow. In addition, the gadget can also be used for fertilizing plants.

Details irrigation drip
Everything again at a glance.


Sure, irrigation systems are nothing new and there are umpteen different variations and ways to provide water for your balcony and houseplants. I found the irrigation drip from Amazon interesting because of its design and capacity.

You fill the bag once and have up to 20 days of peace and quiet and can take care of other things – without the plants having to suffer. However, the bag is more suitable for people who have a small balcony or only a few houseplants. For larger areas, the bag is completely unsuitable. You’ll have to resort to trick 17 when you’re on vacation and hire family or friends as short-term gardeners.

To the gadget
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