Jimmy JV51 Battery Vacuum Cleaner for $183.52

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The Roidmi F8 is the most powerful battery-powered vacuum cleaner we’ve ever tested. Shortly thereafter, Xiaomi’s Youpin sales platform featured a model named “Jimmy” that bears a striking resemblance to the Roidmi vacuum cleaner. The device was apparently produced by a third party, not directly by Xiaomi. We’ve tested the Jimmy JV51 and tell you why it’s technically not so different from the Roidmi.

Jimmy JY51 Battery Vacuum Cleaner

Technical data: Comparison to Roidmi F8

Roidmi F8Jimmy JV51
Suction power18500 pa (comparison: Dibea D18: 9000 pa)17000 pa
Noise level75 dB (on highest suction level)75 dB (on highest suction level)
Battery2500 mAh2500 mAh
Working time55 Min.45 Min.
Charging time2.5 h5 h
Dust chamber0.4 l0.5 l
Dimensions119.1 x 25.9 x 15.8 cm127 x 23 x 22 cm
Weight2.5 kg (as manual vacuum cleaner: 1.5 kg)1.46 kg
Featurestwo suction levels, LED lighting, app integrationtwo suction levels

Scope of delivery of the Jimmy JV51

Included in delivery:

  • Vacuum cleaner pipe
  • Vacuum cleaner head with 0.5 l dust chamber
  • Floor nozzle with integrated roller
  • Mite attachment for the hand vacuum cleaner
  • two additional attachments for different applications
  • Wall bracket with screws
  • replaceable battery
  • CN charging cable (EU adapter required)
  • Instruction manual in Chinese, very short instruction manual also in German

Jimmy JY51 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Scope of Delivery

Design and workmanship: Roidmi F8 in small and light?

After unpacking, no plastic odour could be detected. With a height of 1.27 m, Jimmy is slightly taller than his little cousin Roidmi. If the battery-powered vacuum cleaner is too high for you, you can keep it well away from you and still have good handling.

Jimmy JY51 Roidmi F8 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Comparison Dimensions
Jimmy is a few more inches longer than the Roidmi F8.
Jimmy JY51 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Battery
Before the first use you have to insert the replaceable battery – this is very easy.

What unites the two is the roller at the bottom of the battery vacuum cleaner at the intake hood. This is not only visually congruent with that of the F8 – which might make the viewer think that the same manufacturer was at work here. This could be understood as a kind of trademark, as a few days ago I was able to find another model with the same design (article will follow shortly).

Jimmy JY51 Roidmi F8 Vacuum Cleaner Comparison Floor Nozzles
Trademark? The red roller can be found on all Xiaomi vacuum cleaners so far.
Jimmy JY51 Battery vacuum cleaner comparison floor nozzle Dibea C17
Here in comparison with the Dibea

The materials used here are metal and predominantly (as usual with Xiaomi) high-quality plastic. The look-and-feel experience is extremely positive right after unpacking. This may sound a bit strange, but when using a vacuum cleaner you don’t want to have a cheap processed thing in your hand. No, Jimmy deserves a nice mention.

Jimmy JY51 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Design
The design is very appealing.

When you first operate the battery-powered vacuum cleaner, you already notice that the JV51 weighs only 1.46 kg and is therefore considerably lighter than its Roidmi colleague (2.5 kg). The first time you use the vacuum cleaner, the experience is the same: you feel as if the vacuum cleaner is pulling the owner along with it, as if you only have to give him the direction by hand and the vacuum cleaner does the rest.

As with the Dibea models, all individual parts can be assembled very quickly and easily. The same applies to changing from battery-powered vacuum cleaners to mite hand vacuum cleaners. The parts are put together using a “click lock” and then simply snap into place.

Jimmy JY51 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Parts Lock
The individual parts are quick and easy to assemble and simply snap into place.

Two suction modes, but high operating volume

The Jimmy (I love this name) comes with two adjustable suction levels, which differ again in performance – but also in the operating volume. So you can clean more stubborn dirt or even carpets with higher suction power better.

Jimmy JY51 Vacuum Cleaner Suction Steps
This control element above the handle is used to adjust the suction level.

The operating volume of 75 dB is very high, but this applies to the highest suction level. This means that other people in the same room can hardly talk or watch TV undisturbed. Somewhere you just have to cut back in favour of high suction power. But in fact it is so loud that during the test phase I wondered whether my neighbours would be bothered by it. Vacuum something away quickly at night only at your own risk. ?

I like the handling over the handle very much, also because the weight of the suction cup is not too high. The suction process is started via the control element in the handle and switched off again. In general, when it comes to design and workmanship you can only say: Top!

Loading and working time

After a charging time of 5 hours, the vacuum cleaner with the 2500 mAh battery is ready for use for a working time of 45 minutes. This corresponds to twice the charging time of the Roidmi F8 – with a result of 10 minutes less running time in comparison. Sure, the price for the Roidmi F8 is not higher without any reason.

Jimmy JY51 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Charging LED Lamp
The LED light next to the inserted battery lights up red during the charging process.

Three quarters of an hour is a lot of time, so you can create a 100 m² apartment. The time, however, only applies to the lower suction level (which is already high enough), at the higher suction level you get about half the time. There’s nothing more to say about loading and working hours, let’s get to the most exciting point: How can you work with the Jimmy in the household?


Like the F8, Jimmy has two suction stages. At the higher suction level you reach 17000 pa (1500 pa less than with the Roidmi) at 10,000 rpm. This is a value you can expect from a good vacuum cleaner, so the Jimmy can also be used on carpet and has no problems with larger accumulations of dirt and dust.

Jimmy JY51 Roidmi F8 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Comparison
Both combine the high suction power, too big differences cannot be noticed in the performance at all.

The floor nozzle of the Jimmy is 24 cm, the area below with the intake hood is 8 cm wide. However, the intake hood itself is only a few centimetres wide. These are average values for a battery-powered vacuum cleaner, which should be taken into consideration – depending on what you want to suck away. After all, you don’t want larger parts to get stuck. But those who stay with dust and dirt are on the safe side here.

Jimmy JY51 Vacuum cleaner floor nozzle roller
The floor nozzle with the intake hood from below.

Even if I already mentioned it above, the handling with the Jimmy JV51 is damn good. Strictly speaking, you don’t feel like you’re really working at home, but cleaning is much too quick and much too easy. The high suction power and the handling do not require any effort, even thicker carpets don’t cause any trouble and the workmanship is also impressive.

The only annoyance is the high operating volume and the long loading time. But wait, wasn’t there still something with a hand vacuum cleaner and mite control for allergy sufferers?

Special mite attachment for allergy sufferers

Note: A small excursion about allergies and house dust mites follows. If this is too scary, disgusting or uninteresting for you, you can scroll to the next heading.

What the Jimmy JV51 has to the Roidmi F8 in advance, is on the one hand the exchangeable battery (so one can operate the vacuum cleaner many years) and an anti-mite hand vacuum cleaner. Put the corresponding attachment on the hand vacuum cleaner (Jimmy is a 2-in-1 model) and we have a hand vacuum cleaner. This in combination with the HEPA filter (washable) is particularly suitable against mites and thus particularly for allergy sufferers. The special mite attachment is intended to ensure this.

Jimmy JY51 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Mite Hand Vacuum Cleaner
House dust mites adé? With this attachment on the hand vacuum cleaner this should be possible.

Many dust allergy sufferers (I know that this is not the technical term) have problems with an additional house dust mite allergy. Mites are a subclass of arachnids that cannot be seen with the naked eye. There is a misbelief that this is a sign for a dirty apartment – but this is not true. House dust mites occur naturally in our environment. There is no dwelling without dust, there is also no dwelling without mites. Accordingly, it can be worthwhile for allergy sufferers to have such an intensification of normal vacuuming.

Jimmy JY51 Battery vacuum cleaner dust chamber
The dust chamber can be emptied without direct contact, but must be rinsed from time to time.

House dust mites are mainly found in bed, as this is the ideal habitat for them. It is cuddly warm, the humidity is right through the breathing air of humans and we serve them their favorite food involuntarily: Skin flakes. People lose around 1.5 grams a day and unconsciously feed a large number of mites with it. Why we should keep the burden on mites in bed low, however, is not the mites themselves, but their excrement.

Jimmy JY51 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Hand Vacuum Cleaner Mite Attachment
Is it possible to wipe out thousands of mites with this?
immy JY51 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Hand Vacuum Cleaner Mite Cushion
Once over the pillow over it and already a multiplicity of mites should have disappeared according to advertisement.

Protein components in the mite faeces trigger allergic reactions. A house dust mite produces around twenty excrement balls a day. When they dry, they disintegrate into small dust particles, which then swirl through the air. If we inhale them, a typical allergic reaction can occur (sneezing, itchy eyes, closed nose).

The mite attachment in action

Well, that was very far-fetched, but perhaps the small presentation illustrates why so many new vacuum cleaner models come with a special mite killing function. With the Jimmy the already mentioned mite attachment is supposed to take care of that. Different application areas can be for instance:

Jimmy JY51 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Hand Vacuum Cleaner Mite Bed
On the sheet of the bed.
Jimmy JY51 Vacuum Cleaner Mite Chair
With chairs.
Jimmy JY51 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Hand Vacuum Cleaner Mite Cushion
On pillowcases.

Both suction stages can also be selected for the hand-held vacuum cleaner and thus accordingly for the mite attachment. The fact that battery-powered vacuum cleaners such as the Jimmy JV51 are normally bagless also benefits allergy sufferers, as they do not come into direct contact with the dust. In addition, the smelly smell familiar from normal vacuum cleaners is eliminated, as it comes from the bag.

I say it quite honestly: I have walked several days through my home with the mite attachment and consider at least that I have somewhat less problems with the house dust pollution. But I can’t say for sure, because house dust mites are so small that I can’t see if there’s anything else scurrying or not (maybe it’s better that way). In addition, the cold season is also the time when mites like to die on their own, which could cause my impression.

More attachments for the vacuum cleaner

The scope of delivery includes various attachments with which different surfaces and complicated corners can be vacuumed. In addition, there is a wall bracket through which the vacuum cleaner does not have to get in the way.

Jimmy JY51 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Attachments
The three attachments bring a little more variability into the cleaning processes.

Let’s look at the last picture: Below left is the attachment for larger collections of dirt, such as cat litter or tilted cereal. At the top is the already treated mite top and at the bottom right we have the top for hard to reach places. With the latter we can vacuum through the form very well in corners of a room or also at the ceiling, if it is about cobwebs.

Jimmy JY51 Roidmi F8 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Comparison Design
Jimmy JV51 vs. Roidmi F8: The top models from China are in a close race.

If someone has thought about using both the Roidmi and the Jimmy: One model’s attachments don’t fit the other.

Conclusion: Buy a Jimmy JV51 battery-powered vacuum cleaner?

What’s missing from the Jimmy JV51 are the LED lights on the floor nozzle, which make it easier to see in dark corners and thus vacuum. Since the Roidmi F8 and the Dibea D18, I wouldn’t want to miss them with a battery-powered vacuum cleaner. But otherwise: The suction power is hardly less compared to the Roidmi F8, the low weight and the comparatively large dust chamber speak for Jimmy. Also the exchangeable battery and the mite top are points that speak for the JV51, but the long charging time and shorter working time in comparison to the Roidmi vacuum cleaner slow down the enthusiasm a little bit.

The point: Jimmy’s price is currently about $100 below the price for the Roidmi. And if I’m interested in buying a battery-powered vacuum cleaner, I’ll definitely go for Jimmy here. Sure, one or two points are better on the Rodimi F8, but in my opinion don’t justify the price difference. What I don’t have to say is that comparable models from other manufacturers cost much more. ?

Which model do you see in front, considering the prices?

  • Performance on hard floors and carpets
  • Price-performance: high suction power for little money
  • Mite top and allergy friendly
  • Design, processing, handling


  • very high operating volume
  • Charging time quite long as with many models


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