Jimmy JV53 battery-powered vacuum cleaner: Pro version available in Dyson design

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Just on the market, there is already a Pro version of the JV53: the JV53 Plus. We have added the new model to the article. In addition, the JV53 is now also available in grey.

Xiaomi’s subsidiary Jimmy throws new devices onto the market like hardly any other manufacturer. Specializing in the household sector, a new model, the Jimmy JV53, has now emerged that sets accents at first glance – with a pink vacuum tube. A sexy version of the Jimmy JV51 or an independent model?

Jimmy JV53 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Performance

Technical data: Comparison to Jimmy JV51

Jimmy JV53Jimmy JV51
Suction power20.000 pa17000 pa
Noise level58/70 dB (depending on suction stage)75 dB (at highest suction level)
Battery2500 mAh2500 mAh
Working time45 Min.45 Min.
Charging time4 h5 h
Dust chamber0.3 l0.5 l
Dimensions127 x 23 x 22 cm127 x 23 x 22 cm
Weight1.46 kg1.46 kg
CE marknono

As can easily be read from the technical data (assuming that these apply in practice), the JV53 is based on its predecessor, the JV51, but has been optimized in some points. That’s not wrong, after all, the JV51 is our current price-performance tip.

Scope of delivery of the Jimmy JV53

Normally, unpacking a gadget is a lot of fun, but when I opened the box, I was confronted with a heavy surge of plastic odour. Sure, it’s related to the novelty of the product, maybe we got one of the first produced models here. Still very annoying, even if the smell has disappeared after one and a half weeks in use.

The scope of delivery includes besides the battery-powered vacuum cleaner:

  • Vacuum cleaner pipe
  • Vacuum cleaner head with 0.3 l dust chamber
  • Floor nozzle with integrated roller
  • Mite attachment for the hand vacuum cleaner
  • two additional attachments for different applications
  • Wall bracket with screws
  • exchangeable 2500 mAh battery
  • charger cable
  • Operating instructions in English
Jimmy JV53 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Scope of Delivery
Although the scope of delivery is very lavish, the plastic smell is already very annoying.

Practical is the wall mount, which allows you to install the vacuum cleaner permanently with a few screws in the wall. This should be placed near an electrical outlet so that you can charge the battery with the charging cable while the Jimmy is in the holder. However, the wall mount is not a charging station at the same time, for accuracy’s sake.

Jimmy JV53 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Battery Charging
The 2500 mAh battery is replaceable and must be charged for almost 4 hours.

Design and workmanship: JV51 in better and Dyson pink?

The Jimmy JV53 with a height of 1.27 m is slightly bigger than its little cousin Roidmi F8. If the battery-powered vacuum cleaner is too high for you, you can keep it well away from you and still have reasonable handling. You have to insert the battery before using it for the first time. Predominantly high-quality plastic was used, except for the plastic smell, the look-and-feel experience is extremely positive right after unpacking. Not as high as the Roidmi F8, but one level below.

Jimmy JV53 Battery Vacuum Cleaner
The colour is a matter of taste, but otherwise some things have been done right in terms of design.

Like its big brother JV51, the JV53 weighs only 1.46 kg and is therefore considerably lighter than its Roidmi colleague (2.5 kg). But you also have the feeling that the vacuum cleaner is pulling its owner behind it. As if you only have to give it the direction by hand movement and the vacuum cleaner does the rest on its own.

Jimmy JV53 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Assemble Parts
The assembly of the individual parts is simple and fast.

As with the Dibea models, all individual parts can be assembled very quickly and easily. It feels much better with the Jimmy than with the Dibea. The parts are put together with a “click fastener” and then simply snap into place. Changing the attachments therefore only takes a few seconds.

Jimmy JV53 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Mite Attachment Hand Vacuum Cleaner
The JV53 can be used as a hand vacuum cleaner, so you can quickly vacuum through the car.

We have already seen the bottom roller in several other models from the Xiaomi universe, but now and then the colours are varied. Typical Xiaomi kit. On hard floors it looks really good, for other surfaces you should change the attachment.

Jimmy JV53 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Design Floor Roller
The typical Xiaomi floor roller with 24 cm width, the intake hood underneath is 8 cm wide.

Producer Jimmy seems to have looked around in terms of design not only in previous models, but also in the competition: The colour of the intake manifold can be described as a typical “Dyson pink”, a colour chosen for many of the British manufacturer’s models. Here you can see an example.

Jimmy JV53 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Design Comparison JV51
Left the suction head of the JV51, right the suction head of the JV53.

Suction power, working time and noise level

It’s very hard to tell how the JV53 and its predecessor JV51 differ from each other. Both have two suction levels, which can be adjusted via a control element above the handle. Depending on the suction level, the suction power, working time and volume of the unit also vary.

  • lower suction level: 12,000 pa, 45 min. working time, 58 dB
  • higher suction level: 20,000 pa, 8 min. working time, 70 dB

I always find it a bit unfortunate that battery-powered vacuum cleaners have a much shorter working time at the higher suction level. This makes it easier to clean more stubborn dirt or carpets with higher suction power – but only for 8 minutes. 45 min. working time on the lower suction level is okay, but from my point of view only from one hour running time positive to note. Nevertheless, good results can be achieved in rooms below 100 m² during this time.

Jimmy JV53 Battery vacuum cleaner Suction stages
The control element on the head of the vacuum cleaner is used to switch between two suction stages.

With the mite attachment the working time is even shorter (7 and 35 minutes depending on the stage). The ultimate negative blast is the operating volume of 70 dB at the higher suction level. This means that other people in the same room can hardly talk or watch TV undisturbed. Somewhere you have to cut back in favour of high suction power. But the volume is rather reminiscent of a grey cable vacuum cleaner past.

Attentive CG readers already know this comparison, but for all new readers: people talk to each other at an average volume of 60 dB.

Jimmy JV53 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Carpet
With a suction power of 20,000 pa, the battery-powered vacuum cleaner is also suitable for carpets.

The motor of the accumulator vacuum cleaner works with 100.000 rotations per minute, what you can expect from an accumulator vacuum cleaner above $150. This value can also be found on Dyson models, such as the V8. For comparison: The latest model from Dyson, the V11, brings 125,000 revolutions to the scoreboard – and costs $598.

Jimmy JV53 Battery vacuum cleaner Empty dust chamber
The potential filling quantity of 0.3 l is sufficient for cleaning (depending on the degree of soiling).

The attachments: Mite killers, carpet vacuum cleaners and cobwebs

Currently in vogue, there is also a mite attachment that is particularly suitable for use on textiles and kills house dust mites. Of course it is only interesting for allergy sufferers, so I will spare you the excursus about house dust mites now. If you want to know more, click here.

Jimmy JV53 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Mite Top House Dust Mites
With the mite attachment, house dust mites can be extracted from textiles.

The other three attachments are less spectacular, but are currently included in every battery-powered vacuum cleaner. These attachments are not electric and are not very chic. Small plastic parts unfortunately. But they do work.

Jimmy JV53 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Attachments
The attachments for the battery-powered vacuum cleaner.

Let’s go through the essays of the order from left to right on the picture above: The attachment on the far left is very suitable for corners or to vacuum spider webs on the ceiling. In the middle there is the carpet attachment, with which you can vacuum well over the carpet. On the right is the softer attachment for cleaning surfaces and more sensitive furniture. As already mentioned: they all fulfil their purpose, but are not a miracle of technology.

Jimmy JV53 Vacuum cleaner attachment spider webs
This attachment, for example, is well suited for removing cobwebs from the ceiling.
Jimmy JV53 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Use
With the long vacuum tube you can also reach higher places in the four walls.

Conclusion: Is the Jimmy JV53 a good upgrade to the Jv51?

The Jimmy JV53 is no Roidmi F8 and no Dreame V9, which is mainly due to the slightly lower material quality. It has power, the cleaning results on hard floors and carpets are good and the working time is also suitable for apartments up to 100 m². The design is a matter of taste (I think it’s really cool), the operating volume is too high and the charging time could be shorter.

Jimmy JV53 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Tube
The colour is a matter of taste. Otherwise a solid device.

If you like the color of the suction pipe, you will get an improved version of the Jimmy JV51 with the Jimmy JV53 – simply with more suction power. For ~$200 the vacuum cleaner is definitely interesting, just because of the high suction power and the good handling. However, I find the consideration of reaching for the meanwhile quite inexpensive predecessor even more understandable. Why I’m not completely enthusiastic about the JV53 is primarily due to the fact that I had the feeling of testing the JV51 again. Just a little bit different.

Your opinion about the design?

  • Performance on hard floors and carpets
  • Mite attachment
  • good handling


  • high operating volume
  • Charging time quite long as with many models
  • Working time could be longer


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