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After the Xiaomi third party “Dreame” has raised the bar for maximum suction power with the V9 to 20,000 pa, another Xiaomi relative has to follow suit. Vacuum cleaner manufacturer Jimmy has already launched quite interesting models on the market with the JV71, JV11 and JV51 models, especially the JV51 convinced us in the test. Can Jimmy catch up with Dreame with the Jimmy JV83 battery-powered vacuum cleaner?

Jimmy JV83 Battery Vacuum Cleaner

Technical data: Comparison with the top models

Jimmy JV83 Dreame V9 Roidmi F8
Suction power 20,000 pa 20,000 pa 18,500 pa
Noise level 82 dB (very loud) 68 dB 75 dB (at highest suction level)
Battery 7 x 2500 mAh 2500 mAh 2500 mAh
Working time 60/ 30/ 11 min. (depending on suction level) 60 min. (depending on suction level) 55 min.
Charging time 4-5 h 3-4 h 2.5 h
Dust chamber 0,5 l 0,5 l 0,4 l
Dimensions 119.5 x 25.5 x 21.2 cm 115.0 x 26.0 x 22.5 cm 119.1 x 25.9 x 15.8 cm
Weight 3.44 kg 1.5 kg 2.5 kg (as manual vacuum cleaner: 1.5 kg)
CE mark presumably no no no
Features three suction levels three suction levels two suction levels, LED lighting, app integration

Jimmy, Roidmi, Dreame: Who’s gonna win the race?

Of course, you can’t answer the question in the title one hundred percent without actually having a test model with us. However, the technical data already show: 20,000 pa suction power is the current maximum value for models from China, 60 minutes of working time (on the lowest of three suction levels) are enough for larger apartments and the 0.5 l dust chamber is also a size with which you can work very well. Even 100,000 rotations per minute correspond to the standards of the better models.

Jimmy JV83 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Suction Power
The Jimmy JV83’s suction power and working time are perfect.

Of course, there is also a but: The operating volume of 82 dB is so high that you almost have to ask yourself whether this value is correct at all. For comparison: People talk at an average volume of 60 dB, the average battery vacuum cleaner at 65 dB is only just above that. Accordingly, a value above 80 dB is a record-breaking negative value.

Jimmy JV83 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Handling
At the operating volume of 83 dB, you certainly don’t smile like they do here.

Apart from the noise level, the Jimmy JV83 lacks the real technical innovation. A little gimmick, even a mini-feature with a touch of new appearance make a new model much more attractive than the improvement of technical values – which is fine, of course. But otherwise Xiaomi and its partner companies are used to more innovation. If you like, Jimmy has “only” followed the Dreame V9 in the technical data with the JV83. Whining at a high level, but it looks that way.

Jimmy JV83 battery-powered vacuum cleaner handheld vacuum cleaner battery replaceable
The 2500 mAh battery can be replaced.

The JV83 is (as always nowadays) a 2-in-1 model, which means that the vacuum cleaner can also be used as a hand vacuum cleaner. By the individual click closures one must only remove the suction pipe and put the desired attachment (depending upon area of application) on the head of the vacuum cleaner. As a hand-held vacuum cleaner, the Jimmy can work for either 40, 20 or 9 minutes. Logically, the highest value belongs to the lowest suction level and vice versa.

Many attachments, extensive scope of delivery

As usual, a large number of attachments are included in the scope of delivery. Surprisingly, there is also a hose with which you can better remove spider webs on the wall, for example, by increasing the range. Also a mite attachment is included, which will be especially pleasing for allergy sufferers. For more information about mites, have a look at the article about the Jimmy JV11.

Jimmy JV83 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Mite Hand Vacuum Cleaner
The obligatory mite aspirator for allergy sufferers.

GearBest was so kind to include a picture of the scope of delivery in their offer:

Jimmy JV83 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Scope of Supply
The scope of delivery is exemplary.

Outlook: Buy a Jimmy JV83?

The Global Launch on 22.04. will probably not bring GearBest any streams of clicks and purchases, as the Jimmy JV83 lacks the unique selling point. Of course the battery-powered vacuum cleaner has the current maximum suction power, a long working time and a replaceable battery, but the Dreame V9 simply came out earlier with these top specs. I also miss the LED lights of the Roidmi F8 on the Jimmy, which I wouldn’t want to miss on any battery-powered vacuum cleaner.

The Jimmy JV83 will certainly not be a disappointment, but a good to very good domestic help, maybe even make it into our Top 5 of the best battery-powered vacuum cleaners. But to compete with the two top models from Roidmi and Dreame, I lack the fascination for a product before the international release.

Do you share my opinion or do you disagree?

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