Jimmy JW31 high pressure cleaner: Has Kärcher anything to do with it?

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To pick up the question directly from the heading: It is very possible that the world’s leading supplier of cleaning technology from beautiful Baden-Württemberg and the technology giant from China have sat down at one table. Xiaomi (or Jimmy) and Kärcher are now developing cleaning equipment together? What sounds strange at first might actually have arrived with the Jimmy JW31 high-pressure cleaner. We get to the bottom of it and the machine.

Jimmy JW31 High Pressure Cleaner Car

Xiaomi and Kärcher

The first thing you think of is a bold copy by the Chinese when you find such technical equipment from China, but: We know that Xiaomi has no need for this, also because of the size of the company that is now listed on the stock exchange, such machinations would become conspicuous much faster than with any AliExpress tricksters. So we found another Youpin model (sales platform of Xiaomi) at GearBest, which is even (almost officially) called “Karcher”. See for yourself:

Xiaomi Jimmy Kärcher Cooperation
The Xiaomi Mijia Kärcher K2 FM – at least according to the China shops.
Xiaomi Kärcher Cooperation
“Come on, little one”.

This small high pressure cleaner is distributed by Banggood even under the name Xiaomi Mijia Kärcher K2 FM. Various Xiaomi forums also indicate that it is actually a device developed by the two brands. Of course you still have to wait for official statements from the manufacturers. It is also unclear who has what share in the products. But let’s now deal with the technical side of the Jimmy JW31 high pressure cleaner.

Jimmy JW31: Car wash for at home?

On the product pictures of the JW31 you can mainly see how the car, the bicycle or even the flowers are cleaned with the cleaning device. In fact, high-pressure cleaners are suitable for cleaning surfaces (floors on terraces, etc.), cars or garden furniture – almost anything that is not too sensitive and is outside the house. The high-pressure cleaner has a water pressure of 2.2 MPa, i.e. 2.2 Mega Pascal (!). If my math skills work on the calculator, we get 2 million pa according to the conversion formula. From the vacuum robots we are used to values around 2000 pa, however, they pull in something instead of letting something out.

Jimmy JW31 high pressure cleaner tire cleaning
At 2.2 MPa, the Jimmy JW31 should have enough power to clean even the dirtiest tires.

The most important thing when choosing the right high pressure cleaner (if you need one) is the combination of the water pressure of the machine and the flow rate. The latter is 180 litres per hour with the Jimmy. Compared to other models (even in the higher-priced regions) this is a solid value. The 53.5 x 19.5 x 8.5 cm small cleaner can be assumed to have an intensive cleaning performance. The hose through which you manoeuvre the water from the tap is 6 meters long, possibly a little short.

Jimmy JW31 high pressure cleaner bag
Measuring 53.5 x 19.5 x 8.5 cm, the Jimmy is also easy to store in the car (bag not included).

The Jimmy can be operated without cables, as it comes with a replaceable 12500 mAh battery with five units of 2500 mAh each. The working time is 45 minutes, which is enough to get a car up to speed, but it could be scarce when cleaning large premises. But you also have several batteries. From plastic, silicone and metal manufactured, the cleaner comes however also on a weight of 4,1 kg according to the product description.

Jimmy JW31 High Pressure Cleaner Design
The Jimmy JW31: The solution for cleaning work outside the home?

Four different angles can be set to distribute the water: 0°, 15°, 25° and 45°. In addition, two different modes can be set on the handle: Max and Eco. With Max you should be able to clean more difficult surfaces, with Eco you should be able to clean more sensitive things like plants.


We are certainly not experts in the field of high pressure, but the Jimmy JW31 doesn’t seem to be unattractive in terms of price/performance when compared to other models purely on the basis of the technical data sheet. But we can’t necessarily advise you to buy or not to buy. The comparable Kärcher model costs about the same and has already gone into action a few times on our company terrace.

What do you think of such equipment: exciting or much too expensive anyway?

Another one for the road: Alfred Kärcher was the inventor of the first high-pressure cleaner for private use. Kärcher had adopted the principle of operation from American devices, which he repaired on behalf of the Allied occupying forces.

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