Jimmy VW032-1 Window cleaner with vacuum function

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Sure is: Few people clean their windows too often. On the one hand because it is not so often necessary, on the other hand because you simply forget it. Or you simply don’t feel like cleaning the windows – as long as it doesn’t get pitch dark in the room.

The daughter company of the tech giant Xiaomi, with the interesting name “Jimmy” supplies us regularly with high-quality household aids, with the VW032-1 the cleaning should become now clearly simpler and more fun. We have tested whether there is something to it.

Jimmy VW032-1 window wiper handling

Technical data of the Jimmy VW032-1

Jimmy VW032-1

Jimmy VW032 window cleaner preview picture

Operating volume60 dB
Battery2000 mAh
Water tank0,1 l
Working time20 min.
Charging time3 h
Weight660 g
Dimensions26,0 x 20,0 x 34,5 cm
CE markyes

Scope of delivery

Included in delivery:

  • Spray bottle with 0.1 l water tank and wiper attachment
  • Main wiper attachment
  • Handle with fixed rechargeable battery
  • attachable cleaning cloth (suitable for washing machines)
  • Micro-USB charging cable (without power supply unit)
  • instruction manual

Jimmy VW032-1 Window wiper Scope of supply

Design and workmanship

The main element of the window wiper reminds me optically something of my old kettle. But of course such a device doesn’t offer too much leeway from the design point of view.

Jimmy VW032-1 window wiper design

Almost all components of the window wiper are made of plastic, not the cheapest plastic, but definitely not as fine as the Roidmi F8. Since we have already made acquaintance with the Jimmy JV51 and JV53 and other products of the brand, we notice a certain material similarity here.

Jimmy VW032-1 window wiper design optics

On the upper side of the handle there is only one control element with which the vacuum process can simply be switched on and off. When switched on, a green LED lights up above the button. This light changes to red as the battery level drops, so you can see when the vacuum cleaner needs new juice using the supplied charging cable.

Jimmy VW032-1 Window wiper control element
The only control element of the wiper.
Jimmy VW032-1 Window wiper USB input
The charging cable can be plugged in underneath the handle.

But it’s nice: On the underside you’ll find the CE mark, which you’ve often asked for and demanded, so that nothing stands in the way of using the Jimmy in our latitudes. In addition, it is IPX4-certified, by definition protected against splashing water from all sides. It would be stupid with a device like this if it were different.

Jimmy VW032-1 Window wiper bottom side
Below the fan there is a CE mark. Fine!

If you want to draw a conclusion on design and processing, you can only say here: Everything is fine, nothing outstanding, material could (as almost always) be even better. However, no processing errors can be found.

Preparing the device – or better – the devices?

Areas of application can still be next to windows: Car windows, bathroom mirrors after a hot shower or hard floors. Of course also everything that has to do with glass and where the effort to make the window wiper clear ship is worthwhile. Let’s start with the main function, wiping the windows. First of all a short preparation has to be made.

  1. Charge the battery of the device. After a charging time of 3 hours it is ready for use.
  2. Fill the tank of the spray bottle with 0.1 l water. Close the cap tightly.
  3. Attach the wipe to the cleaning head.
  4. Attach cleaning head with wipe to the main part with handle. Clicks briefly when snapped in.
Jimmy VW032-1 Window wiper water intake bottle
Fill with water and insert into the attachment. Simple to implement.

If you like, using the Jimmy VW032-1 gives you two machines to work on surfaces. One to wipe, the other to vacuum up the dirty water.

Jimmy VW032-1 Window Wiper Water Spray
First you work on the windows with the spray bottle. Wipe the water on it with the device.
Jimmy VW032-1 Window wiper optics
This is used to wipe the dirty water into the vacuum opening.

First wipe, then vacuum. Sounds strange, but the manufacturer has thought about it this way. Well then, fresh off to work.

The Jimmy VW032-1 in the test

Glass cleaner on the window, window frame cleared, both devices ready for use. Wipe above the vacuum cleaner, the water running down is then caught with the vacuum function. The water is vacuumed directly under the wiper and ends up in the tank, which is emptied later.

Jimmy VW032-1 window cleaner test
First impression: Works as promised.

But what is noticeable after one or two windows: The small water container does not really hold the spray attachment well. This makes it possible to fly a few drops to the ground carelessly. However, it is almost impossible to avoid holding the wiper at an angle, as a result of which it no longer really engages. Very annoying.

While wiping the windows at home (which really get clean) I got a thought: Do I really need to vacuum the dirty water? Couldn’t I just put a rag or a cloth under it? Yes, you could. Vacuuming is quite practical, but really not necessary for survival.

Jimmy VW302-1 Window wiper suction function
The Jimmy can be used on many surfaces – if you like.

But after 20 minutes of working time, it’s already over. The device switches itself off automatically when the battery is empty. Then the Jimmy has to be plugged in for 3 hours. What do you inevitably conclude from this? The wiper is definitely not conceivable for cleaning windows in open-plan offices, not even for apartments with many windows. I prefer to see the wiper in the bathroom, where you want to clean the mirrors and walls.

Conclusion: buy Jimmy VW032-1?

One of the reasons we ordered the Jimmy VW032-1 was because, after months of not cleaning, I noticed that my windows needed cleaning again – both in the office and at home. And yes, the windows are now clean again, it was a little fun (not like Mario Kart, but hey) and the device does mostly what it should.

But the price for a wiper device, where you can simply clean the windows with a few old newspapers and cleaning agents? That’s quite a house number. Especially because you only buy the vacuum cleaner, you can get such wiping devices for a few dollars here.
For the few times and areas of application for which one uses the wiper, one must reach here too deeply into the bag. And in case of doubt you also have a wet floor because the small water bottle simply doesn’t want to hold properly.

Your impression of the Jimmy?

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