JIRENO Cube 4: Portable FullHD projector with 500 ANSI lumen

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Those who want to set up a small home theater at home usually think of a projector first. But projectors like the JIRENO Cube 4 also have some advantages aside from that. In this case, portability is a particularly important factor, for which you apparently do not have to make such big compromises.

JIRENO Cube 4 FullHD Beamer Design

Technical data of the JIRENO Cube 4

ModelJIRENO Cube 4
ResolutionFull-HD / 1080p
Image formats16:9, 4:3
max. screen diagonalup to 30-200“
Brightness500 ANSI lumens
ConnectionsHDMI, USB, 3.5 mm audio. USB-C, Bluetooth 5
Dimensions18,3 x 12,1 x 19 cm
Speakers2x 5 watt
WLAN2,4 GHz and 5 GHz

Does a projector have to be “portable”?

“Portable” beamers have become more popular in recent years, with basically most home user projectors being portable. The JIRENO Cube 4 measures 18.3 cm in height and 12 cm in width, and there is even a carrying strap integrated on the top. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not reveal the total weight, but they attach importance to an aluminum finish in dark gray. In combination with the orange strap, this results in a chic overall device. But how important is portability really for a projector?

JIRENO Cube 4 FullHD Beamer portability
How often do you carry your beamer around like that?

Of course, the performance is more important. The Cube 4 enables a native resolution of 1920 x 1080p, but upscaling to 4K as well as HDR10+ is also supported. The manufacturer specifies a maximum projection diagonal of up to 200″, but a minimum of 30″ is required. The aspect ratio can be between 16:9 and 4:3, while the contrast is specified at 3000:1. With a brightness of 500 ANSI lumens, JIRENO has a clear advantage on paper over the Wanbo T2 Max, one of our favorites under $170.

For the full projection area, you need to calculate a distance of 5 meters, one meter is the minimum distance. If you can’t position the projector perfectly, JIRENO offers an automatic 6D keystone correction, which together with the autofocus should adjust the image correctly.

How smart is the JIRENO Cube 4 FullHD projector?

In 2021, a projector is no longer just a projector, but also has to be smart. In terms of hardware, the manufacturer installs an AMLOGIC T972 quad-core processor, plus 2 GB of RAM and even 16 GB of internal storage. The JI-OS operating system based on Android TV is already preinstalled, which allows you to use Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, for example. Alternatively, you can also cast your smartphone, which requires Android 5 or iOS 10.

The Cube 4 is connected to the Internet via dual-band WiFi, and a soundbar like the BlitzWolf Soundbar can be connected via Bluetooth 5. Alternatively, this could also be done via the 3.5 mm jack or HDMI. There is also a USB-A port, a USB-C port and a DC power input. Alternatively, you can rely on the two integrated 5W speakers, which should drown out the internal fan volume of maximum 30 dB. However, we can only judge this with difficulty without a test. A remote control that also supports voice inputs is also included.


Comparing the JIRENO Cube 4 with the Wanbo T2 Max, the Cube is more expensive, but also offers more brightness, more powerful speakers and more contrast. Looking at the spec sheet, it is almost more like a Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector 2, which is more than twice as expensive. However, we cannot draw a conclusion in this regard without a test. If you are interested, you can bake the crowdfunding of the Jireno Cube 4 via Kickstarter, but there is no guarantee for the delivery or the accuracy of the date. If you are interested in testing it, let us know in the comments.

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