JJRC S4 Spectre RC-Boat with FPV-Camera for $62.99

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This JJRC S4 Spectre RC-Boat is an almost identical model to the JJRC S1 Pentium, which we have already tested. The difference here: A camera has been installed so that you can stream a live image directly to your smartphone display while driving.

JJRC S4 Spectre RC Boat

Technical Specifications

NameJJRC S4 Spectre
Speed25 km/h
Range<150 m
Battery7.4 V 600 mAh
Dimensions35,2 x 9,2 x 9 cm
Weight372 g

The JJRC S4 Spectre – Upgrade of a cool RC boat

The boat is actually just an upgrade to the S1, and as such has the same features. It can accelerate to a total speed of 25 km/h and reaches a range of 150 metres. And especially the last point gets here once again a higher meaning. As soon as you are more than 50 m away you won’t recognize the ship anymore, so it doesn’t make sense to go any further. It’s different if you see where you’re going anyway.


A 720p camera is also on board. You can connect the camera to your smartphone via WiFi, and you’ll also need an app whose QR code you’ll find on the box. Then you will see the picture of the camera live on your mobile phone. The full range will not be exhausted, because the WiFi signal will not transmit over 150 m without interference. Nevertheless, the camera offers a completely different perspective. This allows you to steer even if trees, stones or other things block your view of the boat.

The camera has its own battery, which must be charged separately. The running time of the camera should then be two hours. The boat itself lasts eight minutes.

JJRC S4 Spectre RC-Boot Battery

Everything else is like the S1 Pentium. Water that is directed through the interior during the ride cools the engine, and thanks to the shape of the hull, the JJRC S4 Spectre can always turn to the right side should it capsize. If the battery level threatens to drop too low, a beep will warn you so that you can drive back to shore.

FPV – Cool feature or unnecessary surcharge?

All you have to ask yourself is whether the camera alone is worth the extra charge. After all, it saves the effort of having to mount your own waterproof and balanced camera on the boat. Which version do you like more: With or without camera?

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