JJRC S5 Baby Shark RC Boat for $17.99

RC fans either fly their drones or venture out on the water in good weather. One of the cheapest options for a remote-controlled boat is the S5 Baby Shark from JJRC.

JJRC S5 Baby Shark RC Boat

The S5 Baby Shark is, so to speak, the mini version of the S1 “Pentium“, which we have already tested, and the S4 “Spectre“, which was even equipped with a camera. All models have a similar design and differ mainly in their maximum speed. While the two large models race above water at up to 25 km/h, the S5 can reach 10 km/h. Here you are a bit more leisurely, even if the perceived speed always depends on the surroundings. In the middle of the lake such a boat looks slower than if you heat through the reeds on the shore.

The advantage of the JJRC S5 Baby Shark is obvious: It is much cheaper than the other boats. Even these are worth their money, but here you pay a lot less. That’s easy on your wallet and invites you to try it out. In addition, the price is even clearly below the exemption limit for import turnover tax, so there are guaranteed no additional costs.

JJRC S4 Baby Shark RC-Boot Specs

With the reduced speed, the S5 is also more suitable for children, as the control is of course much easier. You can control the boat with an ordinary remote control with pistol grip. The trigger with the index finger accelerates the boat. The wheel on the right side is used for steering to the left and right. The range is given as 50 meters. This is sufficient in most cases, but you should be careful not to exceed it, otherwise you may rescue your boat swimming out of the lake. The same applies to the battery: it should last 15 to 20 minutes, but then you should slowly try to reach the shore again.

So if you want to get on cheap, order the S5 Baby Shark. If you are willing to spend a little more and would like to heat over the waves a little faster, you can read our experience report on the S1 Pentium.

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