Joseko laptop backpack: ideal for city trips and work

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Anyone familiar with the Joseko brand? Probably no one, despite the wide range of products in the Amazon store. While browsing through the China stores, this model caught my eye at Banggood because it appealed to me visually. After just a few seconds of research, it was clear that this design is available from many other manufacturers. We’ll leave the question of who has helped whom out of the equation. But maybe someone else feels the same as me and he / she finds the backpack interesting. Price-wise, this is always possible.

Joseko Laptop Backpack Design

Ideal for city trips?

My backpack repertoire consists of the small Xiaomi 10l backpack, which fits more than you would think from the outside, but not enough for my laptop incl. accessories. To that end, I have a classic black business backpack from Tigernu, a Chinese brand that sells mostly through Amazon in this country. Accordingly, I have no real reason to order this fashionable Joseko backpack. But if I now imagine that I attach more importance to my appearance and want to make a solid impression in the favorite hipster café or at university, I should probably rather get a backpack like this one from Joseko. Also because the design really appeals to me.

Design Joseko Backpack Banggood
So you could look that cool with this backpack? Okay, I’ m convinced!

Don’t you think that the picture you just saw looks a bit photoshopped? It’s quite possible that the curly-haired gentleman has never worn this backpack in his life. Anyway, the backpack is made of canvas and has a potential capacity of 17-24 liters, depending on whether or not you roll up the top section with the webbing a bit. Normally, this is what you do with backpacks of this type. The dimensions given are 45 x 33 x 14 cm, so it should be possible to transport a laptop of up to 15 inches in the backpack. Without any contents, the backpack weighs 820 g.

Joseko laptop backpack with contents
The potential capacity is 24 liters.

The nowadays obligatory USB charging port is of course also on board. So are a few pockets and zippers. However, not overly many. What makes the Joseko backpack stand out is the combination of a large, elongated interior and looks.

Joseko laptop backpack side view
The USB charging port is found on the side.
Joseko Laptop Backpack Rear View Back
The backpack from behind

You can see it for yourself: Nothing special, but price-wise and visually maybe interesting for someone other than me. What kind of backpacks do you have at home?

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