Kiss Kiss Fish CC thermos flask with display & egg boiler for $31.41

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Some time ago we already introduced the Kiss Kiss Fish thermos flask – yes, that’s the real name of the manufacturer. With the integrated OLED display it simply impressed us. Now there seems to be a successor, also with OLED display, but also with different inserts.

Kiss Kiss Fish CC thermos flask at AliExpress for $31.41

Thermo mug with display

While the first generation still looks like a classic thermo mug, the new generation looks much more modern. The cylindrical container ends almost conically at the top and is also distinguished from the rest of the thermo mug by a white “lid”. It is also available in different colors, depending on the shop, black, grey, pink, green and red. Below you can find the Kiss Kiss Fish logo.

The Kiss Kiss Fish CC thermos flask or thermo bottle has a capacity of 525 ml, with a length of 23.1 cm and a diameter of around 7 cm. The cup is made of 304 L stainless steel, the bottle cover and the sealing ring are made of polypropylene plastic. This also applies to the various inserts, more on this in a moment. The Kiss Kiss Fish CC thermos flask is designed to keep beverages cool (below 10°C) for six hours and warm (above 62°C) for seven hours.

As already mentioned, there is another OLED display in the white plastic lid. It is there to show the temperature of the liquid. In order to be able to measure it, one has to tilt the cup so that the liquid has contact with the temperature sensor. Unlike its predecessor, however, the display apparently offers no additional functions, with the old thermos flask you could even play ” rock, paper, scissors” – what a pity.


Almost looks like a big Mi Band 3, doesn’t it?

Different inserts for tea & a boiled egg

The special feature of the new Kiss Kiss Fish thermos flask is the accessories. Already for the first generation there was a tea filter, now the set has been extended a bit. Now there is an insert for fruits, one for tea and one for an egg. So you can put some berries in the plastic net, hang it in the cup and you get a kind of infusion where the water absorbs the taste of the berries. The berries do not float loose in the water, but can be used and processed afterwards.

It works the same way with loose tea, just with hot water. And yes, you should be able to boil an egg with it, how long it takes with non-boiling water, you have to try it.


Such tea or fruit infuser bottles can also be found at the local market, but in combination with the display you have here once again an interesting gadget. But you can also pay for Kiss Kiss Fish, with around $30 the thermo mug is not cheap, but surely a cool gift idea. But it should be a little better made than the predecessor, which was partly leaking in some of your tests, even if not in ours. Do you want to see a review or can we save ourselves the trouble?

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