Windmill watermelon cutter review for $2.96

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Sommer is here and with it comes the desire for a refreshing taste of watermelon. With these tools you’ll have no problem to get to the delicious inside of the fruit.

Windmill watermelon cutter

The name sounds suspiciously awkward, is it the gadget too? It’s nice to look at and interesting from the idea point of view. We couldn’t stand the uncertainty and just got the thing for a small review.

Windmill watermelon cutter

The windmill watermelon cutter, which I now simply abbreviate with melon windmill, comes in a narrow, elongated box, which contains only the gadget. On the outside you can see a small illustrated manual. The cardboard arrived a bit dented, but the melon windmill had no damages.

Windmill watermelon cutter Packaging

The first impression: somehow a cool thing. The metal looks stable and is quite sharp-edged, the windmill turns very easily, but at first glance the individual leaves look rather wobbly. Is that really able to cut a melon easily? I impatiently made my way to the next supermarket and bought a melon there. Unfortunately there were only baby melons left, but no matter, melon is melon.

Windmill watermelon cutter Windmill

And let’s get down to testing: First we wash off the melon windmill, take out the cutting board and the knife and off we go. In order to have as much cutting surface as possible, especially with a baby melon, I cut off two side discs from it. So I can work from the sides from top to bottom with the melon windmill. And fact, the melon windmill knows how to inspire! After initial “How exactly do I have to hold the part there now?”, the cutting runs smoothly by the hand. The cutter is placed at the desired height (also indicated by a measuring bar on the side of the machine) and pushed in. The automatic cutting into bite-sized bites by the windmill works excellently. Virtually no force is required!

Windmill water melon cutter End product
Surprise: the melon was yellow from the inside.

I didn’t create the absolutely perfect and always the same size pieces, but that wasn’t my goal either. Within a few minutes I had divided a baby melon into pleasant bite-sized bites and had fun doing it. Also the cleaning of the melon windmill went super fast, just rinse with hot water. I can’t say whether the whole thing can be put in the dishwasher, but I suppose it shouldn’t be a problem.

Windmill watermelon cutter Injury potential
Ouch, I should have been more careful.

Small warning at the end: The metal of the melon windmill is really sharp-edged. In my eagerness I pressed with the index finger on the edge during the use and cut myself first. Don’t worry, not too deep ? But you should pay attention, especially if children want to use the device. You can’t cut yourself on the handle itself.

Windmill watermelon cutter handle
With removable plastic part for easier cleaning.

All in all I think the windmill watermelon cutter is really cool. Especially here on China gadgets we’ve introduced you to lots of crazy kitchen gadgets, but they’re not always really practical or useful. Here I find that both are given. For the summer months and melon lovers, the gadget is definitely a worthwhile investment. You simply have less effort and looking beautiful does it in the end. If you’d rather try other gadgets, you can find more melon gadgets below. Here again a small film for illustration:

Watermelon knife with plastic or rubber handle

To good weather and sunshine they are somehow part of it. This knife for watermelons is now available in an “improved” version, with a softer handle and better cutting ability. There is also this melon slicer, which cuts the whole fruit into handy pieces.

Watermelon knife pliers

After all the enthusiasm the experiences with the first version of this gadget were not really positive. Many buyers report sharp edges and an overall not well processed tool. This version is still available for about $2. But it seems to be different with the new models, which have a rubberized handle. It no longer cuts unpleasantly into the hand and offers a better grip. On the AliExpress models, the handle is made of plastic.

By the way, we can still argue about the name: Is it a knife, pliers or a scraper? Somehow a little of everything. It is quite obvious how the individual pieces are cut; however, the small connecting piece at the end of the tongs, through which the pieces can be cut out, can be easily overlooked. The pieces are then simply removed using the gadget’s gripping function. Serving watermelons in practical pieces has never been easier.

knife for watermelons
The handle is now softer, but the function of the pliers remains the same.

The gadget is made of stainless steel or, more rarely, stainless plastic. A final advantage: You don’t have to cut the melon into pieces, but simply hollow it out, and you can use it afterwards, for example as a stylish hat:

knife for watermelons dog

Besides this, there is also another gadget with which watermelons can be easily cut up. In this kitchen tool with a total of 12 metal struts, the whole melon is directly cut into just as many pieces. The fruit is probably not served faster than that.

Practical yes, but useful?

How good this really is is once again due to the processing. So far there are only a few reviews.

Watermelon Divider

As you can see, both hands must be used here. And, of course, some people want melons to be as big as possible, but at a certain point it’s just too much to work with effectively. The inner diameter of this tool is about 24 cm, so the fruit can be as large as possible.

To the gadget
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Comments (6)

  • Profile picture from smartass
    # 13.08.18 um 18:50


    I have one and it actually works very well!

  • Profile picture from Pitincina
    # 28.08.18 um 07:44


    A friend told me it was a waste of money, any other opinions?

  • Profile picture from fortgeorge
    # 05.06.19 um 08:55


    Umm, $1.17 for the knife but $15+ shipping?! Yet $2 knife with free shipping from China and it is only an extra two weeks longer ship time(end of June vs. July 7th). Makes no sense.

    • Profile picture from Maike
      # 05.06.19 um 10:19

      Maike CG team

      @fortgeorge thank you for that, I did not see the shipping costs (or they weren't there yesterday). I will update the prices 🙂

  • Profile picture from Mikey P
    # 21.06.19 um 13:50

    Mikey P

    I bought one of these for my Grandmother over a year ago and she still uses it.

  • Profile picture from Mikey P
    # 21.06.19 um 13:51

    Mikey P

    @Mikey P: She said it works great!

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