Knitted mermaid blanket from $6.59 for adults

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For a good start to the day, you should already feel good in the morning and how is that better than in a chic mermaid outfit on the couch? ? This knitted mermaid blanket  makes both sexes happy: Some want to be a mermaid, others are happy about one next to them on the sofa.

Knitted blanket Mermaid

The blanket for the perfect Arielle Cosplay is available in different sizes, the adult blanket has a size of 90 x 170 or 90 x 180cm. The material is acrylic and the blanket should survive the laundry in the washing machine as well as be comfortable and kind to the skin.

Knitted Blanket Mermaid Pink
Available in almost every imaginable colour.

If you take a look around at Amazon you will find, besides the blankets in adult sizes, also mermaid blankets for children. Therefore pay attention, if you want to buy such a blanket, not with all offers it is immediately obvious in which dimensions the blanket is delivered, not that someone would like to order a blanket for adults and after unpacking notices that this reaches only up to the knees ? . In many shops the whole thing is also indicated in S, M or L.

We have not taken it from us to order the knitted mermaid blanket to test if it is really usable. Many cheap textiles from China & Co. are unfortunately made of poor materials or uncleanly processed. This is especially disadvantageous for textiles that come into contact with the skin. We have ordered 2 different blankets, one normal and one with a scale pattern, from Amazon with prime shipping, thanks to this the blankets were then already within 2 working days with us.

The packaging

The blankets, as known from China, were not sent in a cardboard box, but only in a thin plastic foil. Fortunately, the blankets underneath were vacuum welded separately in another, thicker plastic foil. Thanks to the second foil, they survived the shipment to Germany unscathed. After opening the vacuum packaging, a perfume smell similar to detergent shot into my nose. The smell was not unpleasant, but very intense. After unfolding the blankets I found a small scent cushion inside, which was responsible for the smell – other countries other customs.

Knitted Blanket Mermaid Grey Green
The blankets for adults are about 180-190 cm long.

Fortunately, the blankets did not smell unpleasant otherwise, but simply new/odorless. I aired the blankets in the fresh air for about two hours, after which the detergent smell had already disappeared.


The blankets, on the other hand, are in fact very cleanly processed and have no holes or open meshes. Also the material feels cuddly and soft and one would like to move directly onto the couch.

Knitted Blanket Mermaid Processing
There are no processing errors to be found

The blankets are, similar to a mummy sleeping bag, very wide at the top and always narrower at the feet. This has the advantage that your legs/feet are very close to each other and warmth develops more quickly. Another advantage is that the blanket, where it merges into the “tail fin”, is not closed. There is a small opening where the feet do not fit through. Thus it is ensured however that in the cover the heat does not accumulate.

Knitted Blanket Mermaid Blue Grey


If you have always dreamed of being a mermaid ala Arielle, this blanket will fulfil your wish ? . It keeps you warm and the material is cuddly and fluffy. We liked the fact that after a short time in the fresh air, the blanket no longer smelled like the enclosed scented pillow, but was completely neutral.

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