Glowing Kodama tree ghosts figures for $1.12

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Decoration is the icing on the cake in every household. These articles are particularly interesting when they not only stand out in daylight, but also unfold their little magic in the dark. Just like the glowing Kodama tree ghosts.

Bright Kodama tree ghosts lighting function

Myths about the tree spirits

The little tree spirits known from the film “Princess Mononoke” live in trees and watch the happenings under their trees with great interest. The Japanese believed in the 13th century that the tree spirits could sense when a person died. The belief that it is bad luck to cut down a tree with tree spirits living on it is no longer quite so widespread today. In the film they are also an indicator of the health status of a forest – the healthier the forest, the more tree spirits live in the forest.

Bright Kodama Tree Spirit

So much for the background knowledge about the little tree spirits. These accompanying 40 g light figures glow green in the dark and look good as toys, decorative items or small accessories on key rings. The tree spirits in the film are able to regulate their body colour, making them transparent or invisible. The figures available here only glow green.

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