Leather bracelet with USB stick from $3.11

The U in USB stands for Universal and hardly any attribute is so true for this standard. USB is everywhere and in different forms. A constant companion of mine is for example a USB stick, for important data, but also because it can always be used. This leather bracelet with USB stick lets you always have some memory with you and is also a nice accessory.

Leather bracelet with USB stick Brown

Actually, no great explanation is needed here. The bracelet has two functions: to look good and to provide USB memory. The leather strap takes over the first part. This is available in black or brown. We hope/think that this is not real leather, but artificial leather. Slightly problematic is that the size is not adjustable. So if you have extremely thin or thick wrists, the leather strap may not be an option for you.

Synthetic leather bracelet USB to computer

The actual gadget factor only comes about through the buckle. It contains a USB 2.0 flash memory. Of course, this works according to the plug-and-play principle. But it is also not quite as fast as current USB 3.0 sticks. But there are other offers with USB 3.0, which are a bit more expensive. There are different memory sizes for this. It starts at 4 GB, but the largest possible memory size is 64 GB. How well and reliably the flash memory works, we can hardly estimate from a distance. Therefore one should perhaps carry sensitive data only as a copy but never in the original with oneself.

Synthetic leather strap with USB stick buckle

All in all, we think the idea is pretty cool, and the price is right. What do you think of that? Would you wear the leather bracelet with the USB key? Or are there any other cool USB sticks from China that you know?

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  • 12.05.18 um 18:50


    Will love to acquire one

    • 26.06.19 um 11:44

      Thorben Editorial staff

      Then don’t wait up, the price is pretty good šŸ™‚

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