Eye-catching: Backpack with LED panel for $86.22

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Not only do you want a practical bag, but you also want to stand out and be seen? There’ s hardly anything better than this backpack with built-in large LED panel. Pictures, animations and even photos – share them with the world!

LED Backpack chick

Let’s not kid ourselves, nearly $90 only for the backpack is probably much too expensive. 20 litres volume are nice and good; that the backpack is at least protected against splash water is also a nice addition. In the only “bag” in the backpack, a laptop can be stowed and secured with Velcro. But if you are simply looking for a cheap backpack with lots of storage space, you won’t find it in this model. But that’s not what you’re here for, if you’re really interested in this model.

The weirdest backpack ever?

Because here an LED panel with 4096 (64×64) lamps is installed. This is placed behind the transparent front of the backpack and sealed inside behind a zipper, so it’s not in the way inside. A USB cable is attached to the panel, which leads through a small hole into the storage space of the backpack. Here, a power bank has to be connected through which the display is then supplied with power. A powerbank is not included with the backpack, so you need it additionally.

LED Backpack Countdown to middle finger
With a little creativity you can get a lot out of your backpack.

The display can then be accessed via Bluetooth, which also requires an app. Here you can set text messages, self-painted pictures but also photos and GIFs. You can either display a single picture or a sequence of changing pictures. So animations are also possible. Once “uploaded” the display shows the picture until it is taken from the stream or it changes the picture manually. In practice, this means connecting the power bench and throwing it into the rucksack, adjusting the picture using an app, putting the rucksack on and off onto the road.

Backpack with LED display various motifs

The question remains: What is shown on the display? Just a cute comic picture, like in most shop photos? A nice greeting; a dirty joke? Your own photo or even a short animation? There are hardly any limits to your creativity – apart from the display size of 64 x 64 pixels. Which picture would you put on the display?

LED backpack colorful two

The rucksack is available in different colours, so you can still choose according to your personal taste. Is the whole thing worth $90 to you? If not, what would be a reasonable price? Please tell us in the comments what you think.

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    True engineer

    35 with a professional power supply for it
    15 without

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    I didnt care

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    Charles Roman

    The LED backpack express yourself with this led back packs that is customizable to display any text,gif to show the people. This is great app for LED.I prefer you my website please visit my website like

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