LED cat lamp in cute design with 7 light colours for $9.89

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Your bedside table is the spawn of boredom and urgently needs a highlight far away from the alarm clock and evening book reading? This cat is guaranteed not to sneak out at night and does not need any food – the nocturnal LED cat.

LED Cat Lamp

Rather cuddly and less squeamishly sneaky, this little LED cat comes along. By touching the domestic animal, it shines in the colours green, light blue, blue, light green, red, white and purple. The color changes automatically every two seconds. We loved the little evening reading aid so much that we dedicated a short GIF to it (so you can see what the glow looks like):

LED Cat Colors

Whether it is a cat or a tomcat, everyone can decide for himself, one thing is certain: he/she consists of plastic and silicone and is fed with a 1200 mAh battery. This keeps the purring lamp alive for 15 hours and although cats have nine lives, it is guaranteed to recharge even more often.

LED Cat Colours

Since it is fed only with power via the supplied USB cable and not with expensive cat food, it weighs only 311 grams. Not only for cat hair allergy sufferers a decoration eye-catcher, also dog owners can realize so the dream of the second domestic animal.

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