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In the old days you used to drive far, far out, on a snowy day and after a long hike you fell a pine tree to decorate it at home and enjoy it throughout the winter. But that’s not up to date anymore, decent Nerdchristmas is only possible with this DIY-Set LED Christmas Tree.

LED Christmas Tree

This set not only combines chic PCBs with a Christmas atmosphere, but also radiates a certain geek coolness. Maybe you should have some experience with the soldering iron and the principle of direct current and alternating current, but it is also a nice gadget for beginners – and an ambitious goal. Banggood has also compiled a guide – Instruction for Christmastree – which is quite understandable, but will be incomprehensible to an absolute layman.

LED Christmas tree DIY built up
The LED christmas tree can be operated via USB or batteries

The tree consists of three printed circuit boards, which can be put together to a Christmas tree form, everything is already pre-etched and one must solder only the resistors, transistors, LEDs etc. at appropriate place. You can choose between a variant with 3 different coloured LEDs or a variant with multicoloured LEDs.

LED Christmas Tree Christmas Items
resistors, transistors, LEDs must be soldered

Once you’ve put it together, you can power the Christmas tree with a USB cable or batteries. The battery compartment is also included in the set, the 3 AA batteries unfortunately not. In total your LED tree is 60 x 136 x 60mm and unfolds a nice play of colours:

With this gadget you can conjure up even in the most chaotic hobby corner some contemplative Christmas spirit and learn a lot.

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