LED Floating Ring or Air Mattress: Make your pool party glow from £25.80/$31.40/32,17€

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

With this cool LED floating ring the next pool party can come. Make the night and the water glow and dive into a colorful world. Fun, not only for water rats.

Team swim ring or air mattress?

Swimming rings are not so your thing? No problem. The glowing gadget is also available as an air mattress. Both the ring and the mattress have a built-in LED strand that is supposed to be waterproof.

The strand is turned on and off from the outside via a button. In order for the ring or air mattress to light up, you need a button cell battery.


The gadgets are both made of transparent PVC. The material is 2.5mm thick. And speaking of dimensions: The LED air mattress is 55cm wide and 176cm long. Unfortunately, there is no information about the height from the manufacturer.

Bring more color into your life.

The outer diameter of the LED floating ring is 105cm. Inside it is 43cm. Again, unfortunately, it was not mentioned how high the ring is when inflated.

From the preparation or application, the gadgets do not differ from others of their kind. The only difference here is that you can make the ring or mattress glow by pressing a button. Speaking of glow: If that’s not enough, you can also treat yourself to the matching pool lighting.

LED-Floating Ring Mass
To avoid any misunderstandings, here is a pictorial representation of the size.


In the twilight and at night I imagine it really beautiful when the water around you shines in colorful light (Arielle the Mermaid vibes say hello). Anyway, you become the eye-catcher of every pool party with this gadget. If neither the LED swimming ring nor the air mattress appeals to you, you can have a look at our pool category.

However, I wonder whether the floating ring or the air mattress also look cool in daylight when the LED light is switched on and, above all, whether the whole thing is really waterproof. Considering the high price, that’s certainly to be hoped for. Have you had any experience with luminous pool gadgets?

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