Lenovo Watch 9: Fitness tracker with 1 year battery life for $21.34

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Even though fitness trackers like the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 can shine with a battery life of almost four weeks, this is not yet the limit of possibilities. The Lenovo Watch 9 is supposed to offer a battery life of one year – the manufacturer claims. Well, how is that possible?

Lenovo Watch 9 Fitness Tracker

Classic watch design

At first glance, the Lenovo Watch 9 looks like an ordinary wristwatch. Inside the case is a matt black dial, on which the three hands turn their rounds. This area is even protected by sapphire glass with the H9 degree of hardness. The stainless steel case is also black and has a diameter of 2 cm. On the right side of the housing there is also a function key, which probably serves several purposes. The strap is of course made of silicone; you can’t expect a leather bracelet in this price range.

Lenovo Watch 9 Sapphire Glas

If you’re expecting a display, you’ve come to the wrong place. The only display you have is the dial. We also miss something on the bottom, the heart rate monitor. In return we get the hint that the Lenovo Watch 9 like the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is waterproof to 50 m. So taking a daily shower should not be a problem.

Lenovo Watch 9 Waterproof

Lenovo Watch 9 without display

No display? But then how do we operate Lenovo’s Watch 9? Most of this is done via the corresponding app. For example, only the button on the side is used to trigger the camera remote control as soon as you have selected it in the app. Setting time, displaying steps or measuring the pulse are all tasks of the app – at least the display.

Because the Lenovo Watch 9 is not only a classic, analogue watch, but also has a little more technology. For example, there is a pedometer in the stainless steel case, but the result is not displayed. There is also a vibration alarm inside, which can be used either as an alarm clock or for incoming calls and notifications. Just like other fitness trackers, the integrated motion sensors measure your sleep behavior. The app then provides you with a sleep analysis the next day on your smartphone.

Lenovo Watch 9 Vibration

In addition to these sensors, Bluetooth 5.0 is also included in the clock, which allows you to pair it with your smartphone. Bluetooth 5.0 as the latest standard for Bluetooth also plays the battery life into the cards. And that’s the biggest strength of Lenovo Watch 9 – the manufacturer states that the Fitness Tracker has a running time of about one year! This is possible because no display has been installed. It is not necessary to charge the watch, but to change the battery (a CR2032 button cell) after one year.


The Lenovo Watch 9 goes a different way than the typical fitness tracker. No display, classic watch design and a stainless steel case. The biggest attraction, however, is the battery life of one year. Of course we could test this so far and rely on the official manufacturer information. For the price of about $22 you get a stylish watch with additional features. However, the whole thing stands and falls with the app that we would have to test first. That’s why we’re here for you: Would you be interested in reading a review from us?

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