Lifesmart Cololight LS160 Smart Deco Lighting from $9.99

The Cololight from Lifesmart are a smaller and cheaper alternative to the Nanoleafs. The deco lights are available in different sets, which can be combined as desired. By App many different light modes can be adjusted.

Lifesmart Cololight lamps

GearBest has a total of three versions, each of which differs in the number of lights. The basic set contains three lights, and you can also buy a single one or five. The set of three also includes a base station, which is not absolutely necessary, but gives the lamp more stability.


The composition of the individual parts is very simple. Each of the hexagonal elements has six connections on the back. With the connectors, which are also included, they can be assembled in any shape, whether as a continuous surface or as a “chain”. It is only important that the first piece is connected to the charging cable. This has a USB connection, so it requires an appropriate adapter for the socket or must be connected to a device with a USB connection. The lamps do not have a built-in battery.

Lifesmart Cololight connections

Operating the Cololight

Even without a smartphone you can do a lot with the Cololight, even if all functions are only possible with the app. As soon as you plug in the power, the lamps light up, because there is no on/off switch. You can then switch between different modes by tapping a touch button.

Lifesmart Cololight Stick Lamps App Screenshots

All functions are available to you when you connect the lights to your WLAN. First you have to download the Cololight App for Android or iOS. Then quickly create an account and connect the Cololight via WLAN. There are even more possibilities, for example you can choose your favourite colour from 16 million colours.

Evaluation & Price

The price here is about $10 per single lamp. Cool effects can already be achieved with the basic set of three lamps. For really large installations, as they are also shown on all product pictures, $100 and more are quickly due. The deco lamps look cool in any case, of course the money must be worth it. On the other hand, they are of course much cheaper than Nanoleaf.

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  • 26.03.19 um 16:26


    The problem with these lamps is that they are tiny. About 9cm in diameter – less than 4 inch nanoleaf is 4 times bigger, so the price per sq inch is roughly the same, but the credibility of nanoleaf is quite better.

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