Lifesmart Cololight LS160 Deco Light – Good Nanoleaf Alternative?

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

The Cololight from Lifesmart are a smaller and cheaper alternative to the Nanoleafs. The deco lights are available in different sets, which can be combined as desired. By App many different light modes can be adjusted. But is it worth investing in the lights?

Cololight LED lights

Scope of delivery & packaging

Not much can be said about the scope of delivery. The cheapest version contains 3 LED modules, a control unit and a basic frame on which the Cololight construction can be mounted if required. The modules measure 8.6 x 3.05 x 7.45 cm and are therefore slightly wider than a Nanoleaf panel, which is just 1 cm thick.

Cololight LED Lights Packaging
The Cololight modules are delivered individually packed. Lots of paper waste pre-programmed.

No operating instructions are included, only a short instruction is sketched on the back of the cardboard box of the basic frame. All individual parts are packed separately in a small carton, so that there is unfortunately a lot of garbage at the end.

Construction of the Cololight

The composition of the individual parts is very simple. Each of the hexagonal LED modules has six connectors on the back that can be used to connect the elements together. Use the supplied connectors to do this. This allows the individual parts to be assembled in any shape, whether as a continuous surface or as a “chain”, much is possible.

Cololight LED lights back side
The LED modules are connected to each other at the rear with connectors. Unfortunately they are not so tight.

The only important thing is that a piece must be connected to the charging cable. This has a USB connection, so it needs an appropriate adapter for the socket or must be connected to a device with a USB connection. According to the manufacturer, one charging cable module can supply power to up to 30 LED modules. The lamps do not have a built-in rechargeable battery.

Control via touch button

As soon as the modules are connected to each other and to the power supply, the LEDs immediately light up. There is no on/off switch – but only at first sight.

Cololight LED lights

On the charging cable module there is a touch button at the back and front, which is marked in the form of a line. With this it is easily possible to switch between different light modes or light effects. If the touch button is pressed for a longer time, the lights switch off.

Operation via App

In order to be able to use the Cololights in their full functional range, you need the corresponding Cololight app. You can download it for free via the Google Playstore. For iOS users an app is also available in the Apple Store.

After starting the app you can register or use it as a guest. The advantage as a registered user is that you can create your own colour scenes – more about this later. Via the app you can control the lamp via WLAN connection via smartphone. However, the connection to the mobile phone can only be established via a 2.4 GHz network. Unfortunately, this is not possible via a 5 GHz network.

You can switch the lights on and off, dim them, switch between 24 ready-made effects (dynamic or static) and create your own effects. Furthermore, it is possible to set the Cololight to react to ambient noise and change its coloring – quite nice, but in my opinion you don’t need it.

Cololight LED lights prefabricated effects in the app

Cololight LED lights Selection of effects in the app


The control is kept very simple. By simply wiping up and down you can change the light effects and colors. If you wipe to the left or right, you can switch between the dynamic, static and the specially created effects.

The probably “coolest” feature is the possibility to create your own color scenes. To do this, wipe all the way to the left. Once in the editor, you first have to specify how many Cololight modules you have connected to each other and also where the connectors are located. After this is done, you can let off steam in the effect and color settings, according to Lifesmart over 16 million color combinations should be possible.

Cololight LED lights scene creation in the app

Cololight LED lights effect setting in the app

Unfortunately, the coolest effects can only be achieved with many LED modules. This is because all elements connected directly to the mains module can only have the same colour or the same colour gradient – a pity. All other modules that do not have a direct connection and are at different distances from the mains module can in turn be illuminated in a different colour.

Luminosity of the Cololights

The modules are made of ABS and PC material (i.e. cheap plastic) and inside there are 19 light-emitting diodes driven by 5 volts.

Cololight LED Lights Connecting to the App
The Cololight signals the connection with the app with a strong green – unfortunately hardly recognizable in bright rooms.

On the whole the LEDs deliver a mediocre performance. The light effects produced look cool in any case and attract a lot of attention. However, in brighter rooms one notices that the LEDs do not offer enough luminosity. The colors are hardly recognizable, which is very sobering.

Conclusion: Buy Cololight LS160?

One thing is clear, the Cololights are definitely a cool thing that can create a cosy atmosphere, especially in the dark bedroom. In price they are far below the Nanoleafs and even the “clone” of Alfawise. However, the cheap version, which only contains three Cololights, is not very popular, so that you have to spend a lot again – especially if you want to take full advantage of the color variations.

I also find the construction of the connectors a bit wobbly. My “work” fell apart several times when I picked it up. I can personally do without the basic structure on which the Cololights can be placed, as the construction is relatively stable even without it.

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    # 26.03.19 um 16:26


    The problem with these lamps is that they are tiny. About 9cm in diameter – less than 4 inch nanoleaf is 4 times bigger, so the price per sq inch is roughly the same, but the credibility of nanoleaf is quite better.

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