Little Elf Alarm Clock Comic Style for $17.13

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For all those who are not so quick to get out of bed in the morning, here we have the Little Elf alarm clock. This LED desk alarm clock not only looks cute and sweet, but also offers a few functions.

ColorYellow, Gray, Brown, Orange
Contact TerminationBattery/Cable
packaging size81 x 72 x 77 mm
FunctionsAlarm clock, Timer, thermometer
DisplayLED Digital Display
Scope of deliveryLittle Elf alarm clock
Charging cable
Instruction manual


The Little Elf alarm clock comes in yellow, gray, brown and orange. The special feature here is that each color has a similar, yet slightly different appearance. Of course, the comic style in which the Little Elf clock is kept is striking. Both the display and the alarm clock itself are made of plastic.

The alarm clock has a connector, which can be found on the back of the alarm clock. This is used for charging the alarm clock. However, thanks to an integrated battery, the alarm clock can also endure without a cable connection. According to the manufacturer, it takes about 4 h for a full charge, and one charge will last 20 days.

On the bottom of the alarm clock you will find four additional buttons. These can be used to set a timer and the alarm function. Additionally, the buttons to the left can be used to set the time of the alarm or the timer. On top of that, only the snooze button is missing, which makes the alarm clock complete.

Range of functions

With the Little Elf watch you have the possibility to set two alarm clocks with which you can wake yourself up. If you don’t have to get up right away for a change, you can press the snooze button and continue sleeping undisturbed for 5 minutes, similar to the “snooze” function on smartphones. Likewise, the alarm clock can set a countdown to remind you of things. The display offers a thermometer display, as well as a digital dial.


For whom is the Little Elf alarm clock worthwhile? The alarm clock is a suitable gimmick for children and teenagers, due to the distinctive comic look. In children’s rooms, this is certainly a cute and beautiful eye-catcher on the desk or nightstand.

In the days of a cell phone, the first thought is often that you no longer need the functions of an alarm clock. However, a real alarm clock like the Little Elf Alarm Clock is regularly helpful anyway. For example, you can use it as a backup alarm clock, so that you can get up on time on days when you have important things to do. Likewise, the alarm clock is super as a decorative element for the bedside table, desk or your shelf.

What do you think of this cute little alarm clock? Does he manage to land on your nightstand?

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