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Chillow Cooling Pillow Sleeping Woman

Every year the same thing. Everyone is looking forward to the summer for months, to realise in extremely hot and sleepless nights that hotter weather is not always better. In addition to the classic fans, we are always searching for gadgets which help in very hot days (and of course nights). This one is such a gadget, very creatively named, Chillow. A pillow, or much more a cushion pad or pad that heats up significantly slower than a normal pillow.

Xiaomi Yeelight Smart LED Light Bulb purple

Part 2 of the Yeelight series deals with the Xiaomi Yeelight Smart LED light bulb. As already mentioned, Xiaomi continues to work on the complete coverage of the home with its own products. In the field of smart light sources we now introduce the Smart LED bulb next to the Smart LED strip. These can now also be controlled via Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant.

Alfawise Smart WiFi Plug

The Alfawise Smart WiFi plug is supposed to be usable with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, in addition to the genuine App control. The market for smart socket adapters has become quite confusing in recent years. Unfortunately, there are always black sheep among many good products. You can find out how the Alfawise socket adapter performed our test!