Lockpicking training set for $8.23

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For many, these sets seem rather disturbing at first glance – why should one practice how to crack locks as quickly as possible? Interestingly, however, quite a few communities are forming around this topic and if you will say so: It is almost a sport. Here is a Lockpicking Training Set to practice.

Lockpicking Set Transparent Practice Lock

please note that the sets in the individual shops differ slightly

We already have the lockpicking training set in the office for some time now, and you have to say that it can be a lot of fun to test your skills at the transparent practice lock in any case. Once you get the hang of it, it’s not that hard, but it gives a good insight into the hobby “Lockpicking” and the tools are of solid quality.

I must honestly admit that I have no real idea (yet) about this topic, but find it quite exciting. The set contains everything you need to get started. Since the lock is transparent, you can see very clearly which pin/cylinder you are “fiddling around” with.

Lockpicking Training Set Exercise
Actually you should clamp the lock, because you need both hands for the tools. Here you can see how the tools have to be placed in the lock.

In addition to the lock, this set contains two keys and 12 different hooks/needles/dietriche; after some practice you should be able to open the lock. Please don’t ask me how – but there are certainly enough tutorials for that. Just don’t mess with your newly acquired lock-picker skills afterwards. ?

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