Lumsing 40W USB charging station with 5 ports & Quick Charge for £5,99

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Thank god we have USB. This bus allows us to connect our favorite devices, sync data and of course, charge our smartphones, powerbanks and nearly everything else. To charge several devices at once, this Lumsing 40W USB charging station is extremely helpful.

Lumsing 40 W USB charging station blue

There is no need to explain much here because the Lumsing 40W USB charging station works quite simple. The power comes from your socket and is connected with the charging station via the 1,5 m power cord, equipped with a 3-pin plug. On the other side you get five USB ports in total, all of them support Lumsing’s own smart charging technology. That means that they adjust to the device, which is plugged in and charge it the best way possible. Therefore the ports use up to 2.4 A. However, you may recognize one orange port. This port supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 standard, which reduces the charging time by up to 75%.

Lumsing 40W USB charging station charging

Because of the relatively small dimensions of 9.14 x 5.84 x 2.79 cm and the weight of just 200 g the Lumsing 40W USB charging station is suitable for different occasions. You can use it while traveling or in your (home) office. Lumsing is a well-known manufacturer for smartphone accessories and charging devices. That being said, the USB charging station meets the expectations of the CE, FCC & ROHS certificate. Furthermore, Lumsing grants a 14-month warranty, in case you have any troubles with the USB charger.

Lumsing 40W USB charging station 5 ports

Lumsing offers different color options for its devices, we personally prefer the orange (of course) and blue one. For this price point you will get the charging station itself, a Lumsing user card and a user manual. If you’re looking for other kinds of USB charging stations, you might want to take a look at the Best Of article at Joy of Android.

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