Magnetic cell phone holder for the car for $0.99

If you don’t own a modern car with a complete multimedia system, you have to use your smartphone for navigation and multimedia. However, holders with suction cups are usually very uncomfortable to use. It is much easier to mount the smartphone with the magnetic cell phone holder.

Magnetic Cell Phone Holder in the Car with Smartphone

The magnetic plate of the holder has a diameter of 35mm and is covered with rubber. So the back of your phone won’t scratch when you move. Simply insert into the blades of the ventilation and the holder is already attached. Since not all smartphones have a magnetic back, two metal plates with adhesive pads (round & rectangular) are supplied. These are simply attached to the back of your phone or to the case.

Clear advantages over other mounts are that absolutely nothing covers the display and you have the possibility to rotate the phone 360Ā°. It is also compatible with any mobile phone. Of course, such a magnet looks unattractive on a smartphone, so it is recommended to use a cover.

So that you don’t run out of battery power during long car journeys, a USB car charger is also always very practical. Do you have experience with the magnetic holder or are you still on the road with a suction cup?

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  • 07.07.18 um 14:51


    I too loved on from suction holders to magnetic holders. Impreasive that I ordered extra slabs of magnetic holder with great difficulty , so that I can have my keys and other mobiles all clipped on at home near my bed. I even tagged my wallet with one šŸ˜€

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