The FFP2 mask as a mask bag? From China from 6,08€/$7.20

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“THE MASK” – instead of thinking of a Jim Carrey marvel here, as was usually the case, there is now only one mask that can be meant: the one I wear in public, never forget at home, and which has simply taken on a strangely important position in my life. That this also triggers new trends is obvious, let’s think of all the different fabric mask designs that could be seen everywhere. But it seems that the FFP2 mask can also make a splash as a mask bag.

Mask bag

Is this fashion?

Of course, the Far East always adds a little something extra. No matter what it actually is. In this case, there is a handbag that looks like an FFP2 mask from the outside. It comes in black or white and in three different sizes.

Mask bag color selection

The largest bag is 57 x 35 x 2 cm, the middle 30 x 19 x 1 cm and then there is apparently a version with a shoulder strap. There are various inscriptions and reflective patches on the bag. The inscription is “Stop COVID-19V – Let’s pull together and return fair weather” with the #social distance printed on the side. That’s actually not too bad by China standards in terms of text. There are clearly worse fails, some of them especially in the advertising pictures of the stores.

Mask bag small version

The smaller version does not offer too much storage space, but other masks can certainly be transported marvelously in it 😉 And it should also be large enough for wallet, keys and smartphone. For chunkier things there is alternatively still the larger model to choose from.

Mask bag large version

Every new visit of AliExpress and co. shows you so many things you have never seen in your life. And like here we try to show you the most interesting things of course. Whether you like it or not, you have to hand it to the Chinese: They are imaginative!

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