Meizu POP 2 wireless In-Ear – Cool Upgrade for 60.99

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The new Meizu POP 2 respectively TW50s offer more energy-efficient, lighter and more up-to-date hardware. We took a closer look at the upgrade version: is it worth it so much more than its predecessor? You’ll find out in this review.

Meizu POP Two

Technical data

NameMeizu POPMeizu POP 2
Driver2x 6 mm Ø Graph Driver2x 6 mm Ø Graph Driver
Frequency range60-20.000Hz60-20.000Hz
Impedance16 Ohm16 Ohm
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.2Bluetooth 5
Battery capacity2 x 85 mAh; 700 mAh Charging box2 x 55 mAh; 350 mAh Charging box
Weight57.4 grams46.7 grams
Dimensions5.5 x 5.5 x 3.5 cm5.5 x 5.5 x 3.5 cm
IP Protection classIPX5IPX5
Sensitivity101 dB101 dB

Packaging & Scope of delivery

The packaging of Meizu POP 2 has changed only slightly. First and foremost, the packaging is “more international”, labeled in English, and there is also a new picture of the headphones. Otherwise, not much has actually changed, the size of the packaging is identical and the scope of delivery differs only slightly.

Meizu POP 2 Scope of delivery

Beside a USB-C charging cable you get ear pads in three different sizes, only the ear hooks are missing.

Design and workmanship

In terms of design, nothing has changed between the Meizu POP 1 and Meizu POP 2 wireless In-Ears. The headphones are the same as if they were the same model. In order to really notice the differences, you have to look very closely, or feel very closely.

Meizu POP Two

The Meizu POP 2 are about 0.4 g lighter per listener than their predecessor and the white tone is slightly different, but this can also be due to completely normal production fluctuations. As with its predecessors, the Meizu POP 2 has a very good workmanship, there is absolutely nothing to complain about.

Meizu POP one and two
Optically there is no difference

Sound of the Meizu POP 2 wireless In-Ears

Like the Meizu POP 1, the Meizu POP 2 are each equipped with a 6 mm dynamic graph driver. In the test I could not find any differences in sound between the first and the second version even in a direct comparison.

As usual, the in-ear is “poppy” and definitely has its strengths in the tweeter and midrange; bass and subbass, however, are almost completely missing. In my opinion the headphones are more suitable for classical or acoustic music. Friends of bass-heavy music should definitely choose another in-ear headphone, for example the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air. But also the Redmi Airdots would be a good alternative.

You can find a more detailed description of the sound in my review of the Meizu POP 1.

Firm hold in the ear without slipping

Since the shape of the Meizu POP op 2 has not changed compared to its predecessor, the grip in the ear is still unbeatable. For me personally, the Meizu POP 2 are the wireless in-ears that hold best in the ear and offer the safest wearing experience.

Meizu POP Two Wear Comfort

Operation with touchpads

Nothing has changed in the area of operation. Meizu has already done a good job with the POP 1 and enables easy operation with the touchpads on the back of the handset.

left handsetright handset
previous title2x
next title2x
Louderpress and hold
Quieterpress and hold
Answer/end call1x1x
Callbackpress 3 3 sec.
Language assistant3x3x

Bluetooth pairing and range

Compared to the Meizu POP 1 there is an upgrade, instead of Bluetooth 4.2 a Bluetooth 5 chipset is used in the Meizu POP 2. The pairing itself hasn’t changed much compared to the Meizu POP 1. If you take the handsets out of the charging box, they automatically connect to the last connected device. If this is not nearby, they automatically switch to pairing mode. Then the Meizu POP 2 are visible under the name “Meizu TW50s” on the Bluetooth devices.

In the test, the Bluetooth range of the Meizu POP 2 has become significantly better. While the Meizu POP 1 has to struggle with connection problems at a distance of about 10 meters, the Meizu POP 2’s connection remains stable for about 20 meters. The performance has also improved in closed rooms, where I was able to achieve a range of around 10 metres in the test. As always, the type of obstacles that the Bluetooth connection has to overcome is what counts.


Meizu has also improved the headset and is now also suitable for longer conversations. During the test calls, the other person said that the Meizu POP 2 makes me sound less tinny and that background noise is better filtered – very good!

Battery life

In fact, the battery capacity of the Meizu POP 2 has been reduced both in the charging box and in the handsets themselves. Instead of 85 mAh per listener it is now only 55 mAh, in the charging box the reduction to 350 mAh is even more drastic. However, Meizu still promises a significantly longer battery life.

Meizu POP Two QI Charges
The Meizu POP 2 can also be charged wirelessly.

In the test I could reach a battery life of about 5 hours with the Meizu POP 2, at a volume of 50 – 70 %. This corresponds roughly to the experience I had with the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air, for example. Compared to the Meizu POP 1, the battery life has actually improved by about two hours.

Meizu POP USB-C port
Charging is via USB-C, unfortunately on the underside

This shows impressively that the battery capacity itself is not necessarily decisive for the battery life. At least as important is the energy efficiency of the components used, and Meizu has obviously made a lot of improvements here.


All in all, the Meizu POP 2 is lighter thanks to smaller batteries, yet still has better battery life, a significantly greater Bluetooth range and better microphones – this is what the Meizu POP 2 offers compared to its predecessor. So your Meizu POP 2 is in many ways an improvement over its predecessor.

On the other hand, other very important points, such as the sound, have not changed. This is when it wasn’t felt to be good by all users, because a little more bass would actually do the Meizu POP 1 and 2 good. As it is now, I think it’s only for acoustic, classical or pop music.

The name “Meizu POP 2” as printed on the front of the package is therefore misleading. The “internal” name, Meizu TW50 ( POP 1) to TW50s (POP 2), I think is much better. It’s just an improvement and for my sensation it’s far from new headphones.

In addition, the Meizu POP 2 is again a good headphone. Especially the wearing comfort is very good with me personally, the operation is versatile and intuitive, furthermore some weaknesses of the Meizu POP 1 have been fixed. As I said, I don’t think the Meizu POP 2 is everyone’s cup of tea in terms of sound, but basically it’s a very good wireless in-ear for me, if you have the right musical taste for it.

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