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Meross is known for a variety of smarthome devices. These have the advantage that you can also control your home from the road. We have already tested various smart home devices, such as the Switchbot Bot or the smart sockets, which also come from Meross. How do the Wi-Fi light bulbs perform, and what added value do they offer?

Meross WLAN lightbulb

Technical data of the WiFi light bulbs

Namemeross MSL 120
VersionE26(US), B22 (UK), E27 (EU)
Light flux810 Lumen
Power consumption9 Watt, <0,5 Watt Standby
Featuredifferent colors, app & voice control

Appearance & Integration

The Meross Wi-Fi light bulbs are smart bulbs that can connect to the app and perform various functions. Visually, the lamps look similar to the ones from the hardware store. The wifi light bulbs have different sockets, the bulbs have an E26 socket in America, B22 in the United Kingdom and E27 in Europe.

The bulbs have an energy efficiency class of A+++. When switched on, one of the lamps consumes up to 9 watts and in standby it should consume less than 0.5 watts. The life of the lamps is just under 22.8 years.

Unfortunately, the lamps can only be connected to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks, which means that you have to turn off the 5 GHz network or disconnect it in case of doubt. If you are connected to the Meross app, you can control the light even when you are on the road, so that you can switch off the light if you forget to do so, for example.

App control

The already mentioned meross app is available in the App Store and on Google Play. With it, you can control all smart devices from meross via an app and perform various functions. In addition to a timer, scenes and the dimming function, you can turn off all devices with one click in the home area.


The “Scene” function, can be used for one’s daily routines. Similar to cell phone alarm clocks, you can set this to your weekly rhythm, so for example, you can set a routine that automatically turns off the lights at 7am when you leave the house and automatically turns on the lights at 6pm when you return.

Voice assistants

By pairing with the meross app, the lights are also compatible with popular voice assistants Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, as well as usable with IFTTT. These can be integrated via the app and, for example, switch the light on or off by voice command. Pairing via the Apple HomeKit voice assistant is not possible.

Dimming function

With the luminous flux of 810 lumens, the WiFi light bulbs are brighter than the standard incandescent bulbs. The dimming function allows you to turn down the light intensity a bit, making the light in the evenings or in the morning, much more pleasant for the eyes.


The lamps can be turned off with a timer after a certain time. If you have dimmed the light, you can use a timer to use it as a sleep aid, in turn, the light does not have to burn all the time and you save electricity.

Color rendering

The bulbs can reproduce the light in different colors. You can set the lamps to up to 16 million different colors via app. So you can light up your room in your favorite color and certainly have the right color for every mood.

Assessment: Buy WiFi light bulbs?

I find the smart light bulbs from Meross interesting from the info you get. The app offers many setting options and you can adapt the lamps to your daily rhythm with scenes. Through the integration into the wifi, you can also control them on the go.

What I find a pity is that the Apple HomeKit is not compatible and thus the voice control via iOS devices for the lamps is omitted. In addition, the lamps can only be integrated via 2.4 GHz networks, which makes the setup a bit more cumbersome and can take longer in case of doubt.

Compared to the smart lamps from Yeelight, the lamps from Meross offer similar features. You can set a timer on both, set schedules, and dim the light. Power consumption is pretty similar for both models, with up to 8.5 watts for Yeelight’s LEDs and up to 9 watts for Meross’ bulbs. The biggest difference between the two models is the music mode, which you get with the Yeelights and not with Meross.

With a price of just under $28 for a set of four smart bulbs, the lamps are in the lower price segment and are significantly cheaper than, for example, the smart LEDs from Yeelight. If you want to make several places in your home smart, I would advise you to buy a set of several bulbs. This saves you money and gets the lamps much cheaper.

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