Meterk Laser Measuring Tape with 40m Distance Measurement for $21.50/£16.91/23,11€

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Anyone who hangs around a lot on the construction site or has already moved will certainly be familiar with it. Here and there, something has to be measured so that everything fits in the end. With the laser tape measure, you have two measuring instruments in one.

Typical construction site

The laser tape measure consists of a combination of tape measure and laser range finder. It has a size of 14.9 x 13.3 x 5.8 cm and is not exactly a lightweight with 440g. With its distinctive and angular design, the device fits the typical design of tools.

The case offers protection against water and dust. Which is especially important on construction sites where there is a lot of construction debris lying around. The clip on the side allows you to attach the tape measure to your waistband or belt. However, there is also a hand strap.

Mertek Laser Tabe MassBand Charging and Protection

There are five different buttons on the side for operation and the measured values can be read via the display on the top. The display can be rotated up and down and shows the measurement results with three decimal places. These are supposed to be at an accuracy of +/- 2mm.

The built-in 200 mAh battery is charged via the USB-C port on the top. A suitable charging cable is included in the scope of delivery. A full charge takes two hours and should be enough for 3000 measurements.

Two measurement paths

There is a small opening on the front for the laser meter, through which the laser shines out. The range of the laser is up to 40 meters and measurements can be taken from 0.05 meters. To take a measurement, you have to press the function button. If you want to take a new measurement at a different location, just double-click the ClearOff button, which is also used to turn off the device.

Mertek Laser Tabe Massband Measurement

The measuring tape is pulled out on the back of the laser and has a length of five meters. There is a toggle switch on the top that can be used to lock the tape measure in place, making it easier to measure lengths.


The laser tape measure is not bad for people who are on the construction site a lot for work or have a move coming up. In terms of price, the Meterk laser tape measure comes in at just under $22 and is one of the cheaper models. Individually, you can get a tape measure for around $7 and laser measuring tape from $20. So you not only save money, but also space.

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