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Imagine, it’s Monday morning. You are at work, in the middle of stress, forgetting that you made yourself a coffee 40 minutes ago, you see the cup, you take a sip and then the coffee is cold. Of course. To prevent this from happening again, China has the solution: the MGeek cup, which not only warms up your coffee but also charges your smartphone.

MGeek cup of coffee

More than just a coffee cup

We can’t even say so many words about this cup when it comes to design. Because the MGeek cup looks like a rather generic cup at first. With a diameter of 83 mm and a height of 87 mm it offers a functional range of approx. 200 ml. Like many cups, this model from China is also made of ceramic and is available either in black or a brown coffee shade – how fitting.

MGeek Cup Black and Brown

The cup comes with a lid, which is placed on top of the cup. However, this only makes sense with the essential additive, which is under the cup when in use.

MGeek Cup Qi Charging Station

The highlight of the MGeek cup is the integrated Qi charging station, which can reheat the beverage in the cup. The charger has a power output of 10W, which allows the beverage to be kept at a constant temperature of 55°C. The Qi charging station is integrated in the cup and can reheat the beverage in the cup. For this the USB input needs a power of 24W. Of course, the required USB charger is not included, so you would have to order it separately.

MGeek Cup Smartphone Charger
Warm up your coffee or charge your smartphone wirelessly – the MGeek cup can do both!

As you might have thought, the wireless charging station can be used for more than just your coffee. No, since it’s Qi charging technology, you can use it to charge your Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, for example. So the MGeek cup even offers three functions!


Let’s say the idea of the MGeek mug is of course cool. Still, I don’t really like the cable of the charging station on the table. Also, wireless charging still hasn’t become standard for China smartphones. Compatible models can be counted on two hands when felt.

Do you see it differently? Would the MGeek cup find its way into your shelves?

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