Mifa A30 Bluetooth Speaker, alarm clock and clock for $34.99

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The MiFa A30 is a digital clock, alarm clock and Bluetooth speaker in one device. Just the thing for bedroom, bathroom or kitchen? Find out how the speaker sounds and whether you want to be woken up by this speaker in this review!

Mifa A30 Bluetooth Speaker

Packaging and scope of delivery

The MiFa A30 was sent to us by Amazon within two working days, in a black/yellow package, undamaged. The delivery includes the speaker itself, a user manual, a Micro-USB charging cable and an AUX cable. Why they have to be in a bright yellow is not quite clear to me.

Mifa A30 Scope of delivery

Design and workmanship

The MiFa A30 Bluetooth alarm clock consists completely of a matt black plastic, which unfortunately doesn’t look very high quality to me. The complete front of the speaker is a kind of mirror, on which the current time, date, battery status and the playback mode are displayed.

Mifa A30 Bluetooth Speaker

It measures 22.6 x 9.2 x 8 cm and weighs 720 g according to our precision scale. The time digits are each 4 cm high and 2.5 cm wide, so the time can be easily read even from a greater distance. In addition, the display brightness can be adjusted in four steps. During the tests, it becomes apparent that the speaker is quite susceptible to fingerprints. Since there are touch buttons on the upper side, this is unfortunately not completely thought through.

There’s nothing wrong with the workmanship. The individual components are all neatly finished and fit together perfectly – very well!

Sound of the MiFa A30 Bluetooth Alarm Clock

According to the manufacturer, the MiFa has 2 x 15 watts of power, a misleading figure if you ask me. The two built-in loudspeakers are mounted on the left and right of the short sides, they had to give way to the big clock on the front of the alarm clock. Two large passive radiators are also located on the back.

MiFa A30 Loudspeaker

The MiFa A30 is surprisingly high-resolution in the tweeter and midrange and has a beautiful sound image for my taste. In spite of the large passive radiator, bass is unfortunately scarce.

MiFa A30 passive radiator rear side

On the other hand, I am surprised by the high maximum volume. It also allows you to listen to music in noisy environments such as showering, blow-drying hair or cooking – I like it! All in all, the sound in my eyes is perfectly sufficient for a Bluetooth alarm clock loudspeaker. It has a nice tweeter and midrange, in the bass range it is unfortunately a bit thinner, but for the use in the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen you simply don’t need any more.

Operation via touch buttons

As already mentioned, the top of the MiFa A30 Bluetooth Alarm Clock has a total of six touch buttons and a touch ring. The buttons are illuminated, so you won’t miss them at night or in the dark.

MiFa A30 Bluetooth Alarm Clock

M – Mode Button

If several playback sources are connected to the MiFa A30, the source can be changed by briefly touching the M button. The respective symbol will appear on the display below the date. If the touch panel is touched for a longer time, the alarm clock can be switched on or off.

Alarm Button

This must then be confirmed by briefly touching the alarm button. If the alarm clock is activated, the alarm time is set with the arrow keys. By touching the alarm button for a long time, the time and date can be configured. However, the MiFa A30 can easily pull the current time and date from the smartphone if you connect it to the loudspeaker via Bluetooth.

Arrow key

The arrow keys are used to change the next or previous title in Bluetooth or microSD card mode in addition to the alarm configuration.

Bluetooth Button

By briefly pressing the Bluetooth button, the connection to the last connected device is re-established if it is within range. A long press puts the speaker into pairing mode, now it is visible for smartphones or other Bluetooth devices in the vicinity.

Play/Pause button

Touch the Play/Pause button briefly to pause or resume the music.

Volume ring

To adjust the volume, the ring around the MiFa logo must be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise. You have to be very careful not to accidentally touch one of the buttons next to it. Not quite developed, but it works.

Alarm sound not adjustable

Unfortunately the alarm tone is not adjustable, but predefined by MiFa. Strictly speaking there is not even a tone, but a jingle of about 40 seconds, which repeats itself if the alarm clock is not deactivated. The audio quality of the jingle is not the best.

The jingle is one of those “Good Mood, Good Morning” tracks. Personally I am a friend of it, piercing alarm clocks spoil my mood in the morning, but I could also imagine that some people need just such an alarm clock and would simply oversleep it here.

Battery life

Inside the MiFa A30 there is a 4000 mAh battery. For me, the MiFa A30 Bluetooth alarm speaker didn’t have to have a battery at all. For me this gadget actually only makes sense in stationary use, at home, because I wouldn’t use it as a pure Bluetooth loudspeaker.

MiFa A30 connectors

If you consistently listen to music at the lowest display brightness, the battery will last about 15-20 hours depending on the volume.


The MiFa A30 Bluetooth alarm clock loudspeaker convinces with a solid sound, which unfortunately lacks a bit of bass, but is quite loud. So you can listen to music while showering or cooking. The display shows the time in a sufficient size and the brightness can be adjusted in four steps. Thanks to AUX and Micro-SD slot, you can listen to music with the MiFa A30 even without a smartphone.

Unfortunately, the alarm tone cannot be adjusted, you just have to get used to the jingle. For the current price you can’t complain in my opinion. If you are looking for a usable Bluetooth speaker with a big clock, date and alarm clock, I think the MiFa A30 is the right choice.

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