MIIIW smartpad MWSP01: mouse pad with Qi-charger for $55

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

That the Qi charging technology has a lot of potential can already be seen in gadgets like the MGeek cup with Qi charging station. But still it hasn’t become the standard in smartphones. But now we have noticed the MIIIW Smartpad MWSP01 in the China shops: a mouse pad with an integrated Qi charger.


In the shop-descriptions you can find a hint to a Xiaomi-participation. Nevertheless, Xiaomi is not the manufacturer, but it is distributed via www.youpin.mi.com . But there is an indication that this is a third-party product. The manufacturer is called MIIIW and has e.g. also produced the Xiaomi computer mouse.

Mouse pad remains mouse pad

Despite the “smart” function, the MWSP01 mouse pad also looks like a mouse pad for now. With dimensions of 42 x 26 cm it is rectangular and relatively large. The manufacturer keeps it all in black. At first glance, only the round addition in the top right corner, which is the connection to the PC, is noticeable.

MIIIW-Smartpad-MWSP01-mouse pad smartphone

The bottom side isAliExpress for $55.15 and is non-slip. The round unit in the upper right corner is a rotary knob made of aluminium, which is additionally equipped with LEDs. The rotating mechanism allows you to choose between different colours, but this will only create an exciting effect in the dark.

MIIIW-Smartpad-MWSP01-LED- button

The fact that the smart mouse pad can display the Red Dot Design Award can be safely ignored. After all, this is a questionably awarded prize, which one can question with a clear conscience (keyword: payment for the prize).


The actually “smart” thing about the MWSP01 mouse pad is the Qi charging capability. For example, you can charge smartphones that are Qi-chargeable (Xiaomi Mi Mix 3) wirelessly with the mouse pad. This is done with an output power of 7.5W, while over 10W input is required. If you’ve used Qi-charging yourself before, you’ll know it’s not a fast process. Wired charging is still much faster!


In addition MIIIW has installed a smart chip, which should recognize if the smartphone should become too warm and which recognizes if the device is fully loaded and thus automatically stops the loading process. However, obviously not the entire surface of the mouse pad offers the Qi charging option, for this you have to position your smartphone on the right edge of the marked surface.


The product is not completely new. When we saw it in the shop, we found it quite interesting. Then came the surprise. At Amazon you can find very similar products for just 15 to 20 dollars, but without any ratings. So we are sceptical: Why is this “Xiaomi” product so expensive? Only a comparative test can explain the price difference. So we dedicate the question to you. Is the MIIIW Smartpad MWSP01 a gadget we should test?

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