Mini Clip Fan with 5 Air Outlets & 360° Wind Circulation

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Everyone knows a situation like this: You’re sitting in a train in which the air conditioning has failed again, you’re sweating and just want to cool down in whatever form. A fresh stream of air from a fan could make all the difference in such cases, but since you can hardly take a fan with you everywhere, there are gadgets like this mini clip fan. But can such small fans like this mini clip fan offered by Aigo really help?

Aigo AGF-03 Mini Clip Fan


The model of the mini clip fan presented here comes from Aigo, which otherwise offers products for CPU cooling and PC cases, among other things. Similar to the neck band fan and the neck fan we already presented, this mini clip fan is supposed to prevent incidents like the one mentioned above. Thus, the mini fan, available in green, pink and white, has 5 air outlets, 60 fan blades and a 3-speed wind setting. On the back is the clip, which is there to attach the mini fan.

Mini clip fan 60 fan blades

Battery & scope of delivery

In addition, you can adjust the wind direction 360°, because the front is rotatable. The Mini Clip Fan has a 900 mAh battery, which is supposed to provide a battery life of just under 5 hours. It can be charged via the included charging cable and the USB-C port located on the bottom.

Aigo AGF-03 Mini Clip Fan wind direction

Various application possibilities

Through the silicone clip located on the back, the mini clip fan can be attached to the pants, collar and other various places. With the 3-speed wind adjustment, different wind strengths can be set. So you can choose a moderate breeze, as well as a much more powerful gust of wind.

Mini Clip Fan Wind Adjustment

Suitable for everyday use?

The clip on the back makes this mini fan very variable, which can be a real help in the heat of summer. How strong the individual stages of this device are is debatable, as we don’t have this product on site and thus a proper test or a more detailed conclusion is not possible. Nevertheless, it seems like this mini clip fan can serve its purpose and also be a welcome cool down in some situations. However, it still has to be mentioned about the price that it is not exactly cheap for such a small gadget. Accordingly, it is questionable whether you absolutely need the clip’s feature.

Would you rather wear the fan around your neck or simply attach it to your clothes?

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