Mini collapsible silicone funnel from $0.49

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You should find a funnel in every kitchen, because it is very practical for filling bottles with liquids. But most of the time the bulky parts take up some space in the cupboard. If you don’t have much space in the kitchen, take a look at the silicone funnel.

Mini collapsible silicone funnel

With this little funnel you can easily fill your bottles and yet you don’t need much space in the cupboard. The funnel is about 7 cm high when folded out and has a diameter of about 7.5 cm at the top, but since there are now different models, these values sometimes differ. Take a closer look at the product descriptions. The upper and lower part of some models are made of plastic so that it sits a little more stable in the bottle and does not immediately fold away to the side.

Mini collapsible silicone funnel colors

The middle part is made of silicone, so the funnel can be folded up to save space. The funnel is available in different colours, but some retailers ship at random. At the top there is a small hole with which you can simply hang it on the wall with the other kitchen utensils.

It is important to note that some sizes may vary. They are also available in different colours.

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