Mirror Eraser: An upgrade of the cleaning rag?

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It’s no secret that most of us don’t associate the word “cleaning” with anything nice. This makes it all the more worthwhile to take a closer look at the small but fine Mirror Eraser. Could this cleaning gadget revolutionize cleaning and replace the cleaning cloth?

Mirror Eraser back view

Pretty and handy!

This small cleaning gadget does not only look great, but also impresses with its compact size and can find a place in any apartment, no matter how tiny. A cool feature is the integrated suction cup! So the Mirror Eraser can be easily attached onto any smooth surface.

Xiaomi Window Earser - Glasreiniger - Farbauswahl
The agony of choice. Yellow, blue or white?

Visually, the Mirror Eraser is quite something. But the inner values are also important here. When wiping, the silicone brush ensures maximum foam formation. The upper edge has a small scraper with which you can easily scrape off the foam residue. However, it takes a bit more time with this mini gadget.

Xiaomi Window Earser - Glasreiniger - vorder Ansicht
Huh? Where’s the suction cup?

Do not worry! It is not broken, it is supposed to look like that. The suction cup can be easily removed and reinserted so that it glides like butter when cleaning … or wipes? Cool is not only that the gadget helps cleaning, it is also easy to clean itself.  Simply rinse the Mirror Eraser under running water. That’s it!

Mirror Eraser with hairbrush
Also available with hairbrush.

There is also a small hairbrush that matches the Mirror Eraser if you want. Just as handy as the Mirror Eraser itself. However, the eraser is not only suitable for cleaning, but also for drying mirrors. Simply drive the scraper over the mirror and clean is the mirror on the wall.


In my opinion, the Mirror Eraser is quite versatile. Whether for glass and mirror surfaces or cooking plates. However, the tiny size leaves much to be desired, which is why you would rather use a cleaning cloth.

I find the price of $4.94 (£ 3.87/€ 5,28) a bit steep, considering that cleaning with the eraser is not as practical as with a simple cleaning cloth. Nevertheless, you could keep a Mirror Eraser in the car in case the birds have left their mark again.

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