MKB 5588 – 610 RC Stunt car for $45.44

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Who doesn’t love to play with an RC Toy? Now, the  MKB 5588 – 610 RC Stunt car  doesn’t seem to have any special features at first sight, but has a very special look going on.
MKB 5588 – 610 RC Stunt car


MKB 5588 – 610 RC Stunt car Control
With a control distance of 8-10 meters at 27 MHz

At a distance of only 10 meters the stunt car with the dimensions 18,0 x 18,0 x 8,0 cm is to be steered  over the four control channels. In addition to the self-evident forward and reverse movements, this also makes use of a stunt function and is illuminated by the LED lights . The highlight of this 457 g RC car: it can turn in different directions about its own axis, so for example it overlaps when it is against obstacles and lands again on the tire. How this works, you can see in this video:

After a battery charging time of 120 minutes, it will last for 25-30 minutes with the car throttle. This RC car is certainly not a technical miracle, the double-sided driving is appealing and certainly a lot of fun.

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