Let your guests do the work – removable mop slippers from $0.69

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The visitors stand in front of the door and have to take off their shoes. But what if you can’t just offer your guests slippers that keep the floor clean, but can also give them slippers that make the floor clean? This crazy gadget is not an oversized fluffy animal, but mop slippers.

mop slippers

With these shoes you can let your guests help with the housework. You get a pair of the stylish slippers that you can simply pull over your feet or even shoes. The gadget is equipped with an elastic band and can therefore be easily used for almost any shoe size. Alternatively you can simply pull the parts over your broom and dust the floor if you don’t have a mop at hand. Trendy footwear is available in several colours, for which the price may vary slightly.

Mop slippers with removable sole

Alternatively, there are the real mop slippers with removable soles instead of the overshoes. This is simply attached to the underside with Velcro and can be washed separately after use. The slippers are 26-27cm long. The colour selection is more extensive here and also available in more neutral shades. You can also choose between floral, striped and plain colours.

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  • Profile picture from Jacquelyn C. Smith
    # 08.05.18 um 02:51

    Jacquelyn C. Smith

    It is a perfect mop for me. People put shoemarkes over and over on my mopped floors .

  • Profile picture from Jacquelyn C. Smith
    # 08.05.18 um 02:54

    Jacquelyn C. Smith

    I would love to wear this gadget on my feet to keep my floors clean. They will save me from so much house work .

  • Profile picture from JayT
    # 03.10.18 um 19:54


    Looks good for everyone who's got pet in their house. I'd get more for party 🙂

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