MORROR ART digital picture frame with speakers for $627?!

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Memories and art are held in picture frames. These have also been around digitally for a while, and the MORROR ART doesn’t completely reinvent the wheel either. Here, you combine a fancy digital frame with a speaker. But it comes with a hefty price tag.

MORROR ART picture frame with blue wall

The wondrous China store world

Every now and then we browse through the Chinese stores and come across quite banal things. A digital picture frame is not unusual for now, mostly they are very small, meant for the table or dresser and don’t look that high quality.

MORROR ART picture frame on the platform

The impression of the MORROR ART is different and it caught my eye directly at Xiaomi’s China online store YouPin. The fact that there is even a speaker inside makes it even more interesting for me. The German company FRAMEN has probably already tried a similar concept, but it is now part of the Springer publishing house and focuses on advertising and companies.

A lot of space for images

Compared to some other digital picture frames, this one is really huge, measuring 64 x 49.1 x 5.2 cm. With the 4:3 aspect ratio, you get a 32″ screen diagonal here. The frame is completely black and covers the display.

The screen is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can then choose from the 100 available artworks in the app. It is best not to ask how the copyrights look. It should also be possible to upload your own photos and photo albums to the picture frame. To make the picture look like something, the resolution is 1898 x 1421 pixels, which results in a pixel density of 74 ppi. Maybe not the ideal resolution from very close, but certainly sufficient from further away.

MORROR ART Picture Frame App

Hidden speakers on the back

Then there are the rear speakers, which turn the MORROR ART into a Bluetooth speaker. In China, we also cooperate with a music streaming service that is native there. Thus, there are also pictures with lyrics to well-known songs. You certainly cannot expect too much from the sound quality, but you should definitely offer a certain standard in this price category.

MORROR ART Picture Frame on the Wall

IKEA already had the idea of equipping a picture frame with speakers. Perhaps the Swedish furniture store can draw inspiration from this picture frame and develop its own product further.

Sounds all good, but how does the thing come to the wall. There is a holder in the scope of delivery, which you probably have to drill. What is cleverly left out in all the product photos is the power supply. I assume that there is a cable somewhere to supply the frame with power.

Assessment: Yes cool, but at the price?

Initially I was really taken by the picture frame, after a little research you can find as already mentioned the project of FRAMEN. You can also find some DIY instructions, but of course they are more elaborate and you have to put time into it yourself. Also the Smart Mirror DIY projects were already a term for me. Properly implemented and with the certain notoriety such a product is sure to eventually prevail.

The biggest problem is probably the price, because here you pay the equivalent of $627. A similar price of $570 for a 21″ version was also paid at the German Vatiante. Unfortunately, that’s where the fascination stops for me.

What about you guys? Is it a justified price that you would also pay or would you rather start the DIY project?

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  • Profile picture from BellaJulia
    # 21.01.22 um 07:18


    OMG That's way to expensive! I'm out. Otherwise a really nice idea.

    • Profile picture from Henning
      # 21.01.22 um 08:23

      Henning CG team

      See it exactly like you. I know someone who made a speaker out of a beer barrel which looks pretty good, but spending $630 for something like that is too much.
      Love greetings 🙂

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