Multifunctional adhesive stickers for $0.99 (2 pieces)

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Anyone who is more likely to be assigned to the category “two left hands” in crafts is probably quite happy about everything that can be glued and doesn’t have to be screwed. These multifunctional adhesive stickers could therefore be very suitable for those people who, for example, want to have a mobile phone holder in their car.

Multifunctional adhesive stickers for keys

The biggest advantage of these multifunctional adhesive stickers is that they can be used in many different ways and there are no limits to your creativity. The product page suggests, for example, to use it as a tablet holder in the kitchen. Depending on the weight of the appliance, however, it would be advisable to use at least two of the stickers to ensure enough hold. However, these stickers can also be used as a key holder next to the front door. They could also become a lifesaver for the clumsy waiter and be placed on the tray to prevent drinks from falling down.

You can choose between a triangular, square or round shape and whether it is black or transparent. Unfortunately there is no more detailed information about the material, but it seems to be a kind of silicone. Even if the multifunctional adhesive stickers are relatively cheap, they should be reusable. Simply rinse with warm water and allow to dry to restore full functionality. Experience has shown, however, that the adhesive always suffers somewhat from this. You just don’t want to rinse them too much so that the adhesive does not rub off.

Multifunctional adhesive sticker with glass

It almost reminds me of the Mighty Mug. All in all a practical household gadget for the small purse. Unfortunately, it is never possible to say in advance how durable the films are. But for the price you can certainly try them out.

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