News Narwal Robotics launches world’s first self-cleaning vacuum robot

A wiping vacuum robot that cleans its microfiber cloths on its own?! Sounds ingenious at first. The question is: Can the robot also keep up with the established top models in other respects? You can read what is already known about the Narwal vacuum robot here.

Narwal Robotics vacuum robot

Technical data: Comparison to Xiaomi RoboRock S50

Too much is not yet known about the new model, but we stay tuned and fill this article as well as this table with all new information. The direct comparison to the current best vacuum robot:

Narwal Xiaomi RoboRock Sweep One
Suction power 1800 pa 2000 pa
App probably doesn’t exist yet or only Beta Mi Home (Android, iOS)
Laser Room Measurement Laser Room Measurement
Noise level 45 dB (extremely quiet) 65-67 dB
Battery n. a. 5200 mAh
Dust chamber/water tank n. a. 0,48 l/0,3 l
Working time n. a. 2.5 h
Weight 3.62 kg 3.5 kg
Dimensions 34.5 x 31.4 x 10.6 cm (very high) 35.3 x 35.0 x 9.9 cm
Gradients n. a. 20Ā°, over 2 cm
CE mark presumably yes for International version depending on shop
  • app control
  • Mapping with room layout and no-go zones
  • wipe function
  • carpet detection
  • self-cleaning mops
  • app control
  • Mapping with room layout and no-go zones
  • Alexa-/ and Google Home Controls
  • wipe function
  • carpet detection

New Xiaomi competitor?

Optically Narwal Robotics has certainly copied a little from the competition: The resemblance to the Mi Robot cannot be denied, but the shape is somewhat different. With the laser distance sensor (LDS), the vacuum robot measures the four walls and creates a virtual map, which it displays in the app. The room division is also part of the game, so that it can be determined that the robot only vacuums in certain areas or avoids areas. The map is also updated when the robot detects changes.

A nice detail: The logo, the narwhal, is printed on the LDS.

Narwal Robotics Vacuum Robot App Mapping
How well the app works remains to be seen, but the important features are all there.

What exactly the dimensions and the weight are is still unclear, but the five meters in length and one and a half tons in weight of a full-grown narwhal will hardly be provided by the robot. šŸ˜‰ A blatant fact: The narwhal vacuum robot should have an operating volume of less than 45 dB (!). Considering that the average vacuum robot works with a volume of more than 65 dB, this is a very low value. For comparison: We humans talk to each other at a volume of 60 dB.

Narwal Robotics Vacuum robot Mode of operation
With an operating volume of only 45 dB, you can really doze at the same time.

Narwhale “suck up” their fish-loot for the food intake downright, perhaps the name of the manufacturer comes from it. Finally, their first model allegedly has a suction power of 1800 pa, which corresponds to the suction power of the Mi Robot or 360 S6. Ergo a strong value. The RoboRock S50 (2000 pa) does not quite match this value, but the difference is not big.

Maybe the name also comes from the fact that the whale with its lung (because it has no gills) has to appear again and again sometime, in order to get air with its blowhole. Maybe this “breathing” is the cleaning at the station. However, why a narwhal, the unicorn of the seas, is not directly comprehensible.

The wiping function with self cleaning

The narwhal (should this really be the product name?) recognizes by its built-in algorithm during the execution of the wiping function when its two wiping mops mounted on the underside have picked up so much dirt that these must be cleaned. When this happens, it goes directly back to its charging station, where its microfiber cloths are washed, and after cleaning it goes back to work. The best way is to watch the video for yourself:

If you want to play the sourpuss now, you can say that the robot does not clean itself, but is cleaned by its loading/washing station. A car is not self-cleaning just because it is driven into a car wash. But hey, you have to advertise something. The station is equipped with two water tanks, one for dirty (brown tank), one for fresh water (blue tank). Of course you have to refill the fresh water from time to time.

Narwal Robotics Vacuum Robot Station Tank
1. insert the water tank with fresh water.
Narwal Robotics Vacuum robot Charging station
2. Dirty mops? Off to the station for cleaning.
Narwal Robotics vacuuming robot wiping
3. Back to work!

According to the manufacturer, the wipe function should “force wiping much more” than previous models. What that means exactly is questionable, one may hope for a strong vibration, so that the pressure on the floor is given. We will see (which unfortunately still applies to many aspects of the robot).


It is still a little too early for an assessment, too little technical data is known so far. But: What has been published by the manufacturer so far smells strongly of real Xiaomi competition. But the price has to be right – and the implementation of the announced features.

In three weeks the Narwal vacuum robot is to be positioned at Kickstarter for crowdfunding. The manufacturer has not yet decided how much the robot will cost. Unfortunately, I assume that the price will be well above Xiaomi level.

Also the exact naming is still missing here. Just “Narwal” doesn’t work, that’s the name of the fresh company. Or is it? Can a vacuum robot be ranked higher in Google search results than a gigantic unicorn whale? In my Filter Bubble perhaps, but generally rather a bad idea.

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