Extremely strong neodymium magnetic balls (216 pieces) for $4.99

It’s never too late for good toys! At least that’s how I see it and I finally found something to stop drawing lots of papers on the phone. These great gadgets are called Neocube, Magnetcube or Magnet Sphere. You will receive 216 balls made of neodymium – the strongest magnet in the world. This makes it possible to conjure up extremely wicked shapes.

Neocube Magnetic Balls

My personal tip: take the 5 mm versions, even if it is sometimes a little more expensive. The structures simply become larger and there will be no extreme fumbling. Because one thing must be clear to you: the parts possess an extreme attraction (e.g. through the hand!), are addictive and even the construction of a cube demands a lot from you. You don’t believe me? Try it out! Ultimately, there are no limits to construction, except your own imagination.

Youtube Video Preview

You can recreate many well-known figures from mathematics in 3 dimensions, construct small houses or simply put two-dimensional objects together on the refrigerator. Some interesting creations can also be viewed on the shop pages. Of course some of them were also made with two or more sets, especially I can create more interesting motifs in different colors.

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