The legend is true – Nessie soup ladle for $1.18

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Who’s that sticking his head out of the soup pot? There have always been legends about their existence in a Scottish Loch, now the rumours are confirmed and Nessie appears in the local cuisine as a nessie soup ladle.Nessie soup ladle

Really a cool design, I can’t say otherwise. Who would make something like that up? We definitely have here a soup ladle with the appearance of a dinosaur or Nessies, the monster of Loch Ness. The image of her head sticking out of the water is simply so iconic, there is hardly any other association the trowel allows.

Nessie measures almost 24 cm from head to toe and stands upright in the saucepan thanks to her small feet. It is made of PP plastic and is available in blue, green and violet.

Nessie soup ladle in the kitchen

But it’s not as simple as the pictures, the version of AliExpress unfortunately tips over at the front; only a weight in the trowel keeps it in an upright position. It also has a slightly elastic neck, which always feels a little unsafe when you really use it as a ladle. Apart from that, however, she does her job excellently and also convinces with her appearance. It is not the ladle to distribute the stew to a hundred party guests, but it is best suited for noodle soup for two.

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