Netiquette: Our rules for a good community lives off of a great community. We give each other advice, point out certain mistakes and passionately talk about the newest purchases from China. But for the sake of everyone having a good time as a community, there are a few ground rules to follow:

Your tone: It’s not what you say, but how you say it

Like in your real life “out there”, you should follow a few basic rules of communication that should be quite natural:

  • Xenophobic, racist, sexist statements – be it as a comment, in a chat or hidden in a User Gadget – will be deleted without further comment.
  • … same goes for comments containing unnecessary swear words.
  • Trolling“, meaning provoking content or agitation will be also be deleted without comment.
  • … same, of course, goes for avatars or usernames.
  • Everyone likes different kinds of gadgets. Android vs. Apple? That’s so 2012! But respect each others opinions and tastes.
  • Also, comments without any valuable content, only written to overcome your own boredom (or just to spam), will also be deleted.


Keep in mind that, besides deleting content such as comments, we also reserve the right to ban or ultimately (in very drastic cases) delete certain users.

But don’t worry – you can also have a good influence on the community & the togetherness here at China-Gadgets:

  • Someone really helped you out in the comment-section? A “Thank you” is always appreciated!
  • You can also upload pictures with your comments. As you know, a picture paints a thousand words.
  • You know an even better alternative to a gadget? Or do you want to share THE new sensation with the community? Go ahead and submit it as a User Gadget! 🙂


A fine line: Advertisement vs. recommendation

Self-promotion, especially by Chinese shops, isn’t allowed. Let’s find a mutual way of sharing news objectively – but subtly advertising your own shops just won’t do.

The same goes for linking to other sites. We’re happy to see animated & excited discussions and we completely understand that those include experiences & testimonials. But please understand that we’re not willing to link to certain websites and that we’ll moderate such comments.